Best way to cover scars? MORE SCARS!

I had a bridge piercing for all of, oh a month or two almost twenty years ago, and still have very prominent piercing scars at the entrance and exit points, so I can relate to this. If I’m reading his tags right, Dylan, their new tattoo artist at First Blood had some horrible bridge scars, and, well, add Howie ( to the equation and what’s the easiest way to cover up a scar? A bigger scar! Knowing the way mods progress, should I worry myself with how this has the potential to snowball? It’s like the old lady who swallowed a fly!


2 thoughts on “Best way to cover scars? MORE SCARS!

  1. Darnit, that was my idea! 😛 Well, still going to do it, and probably slightly different anyway. My bridge was my very first and most favourite piercing, but it wouldn’t stay. Different jewelry, different piercers, 3 tries in total and they all rejected over time. So I’ve got a triple scar to cover…

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