Yellow Ink and White Ink Facial Tattoo

I’ve been posting pictures of Aaron Foster every few years since the start of ModBlog, most recently with a few other friends with white-striped faces. Since then he’s had Jason Maybruck add a burst of yellow to the white ink tattoo work that’s already there, a unique combination that I don’t think I’ve seen before, whether on a face or anywhere else on the body. Definitely very effective in continuing his sort of superhero theme! Watch out this summer by the way for a reality show tentatively titled “Unique Passions”, who filmed the tattoo.


7 thoughts on “Yellow Ink and White Ink Facial Tattoo

  1. This looks like bad rave facepaint at 10am the next day. I’m suprised, with all Shannon’s recent tattoo criticisms that this gets a mention. I admire the idea, but it looks poorly executed.

  2. Ignore this comment. I merely wish to take advantage of the subscribe by email function by commenting.

  3. Aaron is amazing and a great inspiration to so many people! I bet dozens are going to follow in his footsteps now that they’ve seen this.

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