Tattooing “666″ on a Baby

An incredibly disturbing video — probably the most offensive tattoo video to date — is currently doing the viral rounds. In it, the tattoo artist (whose face we never see), tattoos what appears to be a small “666″ on a toddler that screams in pain and terror while he’s doing it. A woman that I assume is the mother is holding the child down the whole time. Since there is parental consent in the process, it is 100% legal. Arguably this isn’t any worse than the doctors that have have cut off the ends of millions if not billions of baby boys’ penises to satisfy their parents religious or cultural leanings, and of course there are indigenous cultures (many of them idolized by the “modern primitive” movement) all around the world that do a wide variety of heavy mods on babies and children… But wow… I don’t think I could bring myself to be involved in something like this, either as the artist or the parent. But I wonder — how many of you who are willing to denounce this video are also willing to denounce the tribal cultures who do similar things in much larger quantities and to a more horrific extent, or even denounce circumcision which is still commonplace in America (although not many other Western nations at this point as the cruelty and needlessness is recognized)?

YouTube pulled the video — click here to download our backup or play it here:


Update: If I had to guess [edit #2: this is now confirmed, and if you listen in the video you can hear them say that the child is now "blessed by Jesus"], I would say these people are followers of Jose Luis de Jesus of Growing in Grace. Followers of this fringe religion often get 666 tattooed one them as a part of their faith. The question is, do you believe in freedom of religion? Where is that line drawn for you? This group even has billboards around Toronto where I live — this isn’t just some isolated event. Below are some other similar tattoos done by their followers:

666tat-1t 666tat-2t

Update #2: Trying to find examples of tattooed children in Western culture, I was hoping to dig up an old story in BME’s old newspaper archive of historical mod stories because I remembered one about a father taking his identical twin sons to a tattoo artist in order to get a beauty mark tattooed on one of them as a way of telling them apart more easily. Anyway, I couldn’t find the actual article I was searching for, but I did find another from the October 19, 1899 Twin City News which mentions how an increasing number of parents are tattooing their children with a hidden ID mark (I believe this was in the midst of abduction paranoia).

Also, I mentioned above that the parents were “100%” legally in the right (although not ethically in my opinion), but I should point out that there have been cases — for example, this North Carolina mother arrested after allowing her 11-year-old to get a tattoo of a small heart on her shoulder — that suggest the opposite. However, courts in America are very unlikely to call the actions of an established religion “child abuse”, so don’t expect to see Jews being jailed over circumcision any time soon.

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78 thoughts on “Tattooing “666″ on a Baby

  1. honestly,…that made me feel sick. And im COVERED in tattoos. I would NEVER do that to my kid.

    I couldnt even watch it all.

  2. This was too hard to watch and too hard to stomach. As a mother of a nearly two year old I couldn’t ever justify doing such a thing against my childs will like that.

  3. 1) don’t ever push your religious choices on your children. 2) wait till the child is old enough to ask for it themselves. i an disgusted and horrified.

  4. “But I wonder — how many of you who are willing to denounce this video are also willing to denounce the tribal cultures who do similar things in much larger quantities and to a more horrific extent, or even denounce circumcision which is still commonplace in America (although not many other Western nations at this point as the cruelty and needlessness is recognized)?”

    That kind of goes into the realm of cultural/moral imperialism, doesn’t it? Is it ever acceptable for someone to go into a foreign land (or a minority community) and scold others for their cultural practices? Would it be better to help empower and defer to the dissenters within that culture so as they can decide what is the best future for themselves, not some outsider?

  5. All the people involved in this child abuse,should be arrested,and those that find it amusing,should be investigated.they are not only a shame to every spanish speaking race,but an abomination of humanity.

  6. To correct you, DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE. In Alaska, for example, a person has to e 18 or older before they can be tattoed NO EXCEPTIONS. Wonder where these people live. Like drinking, a child has to be 18 before he/she can decide for themselves if they want a tattooed. This is CHILD ABUSE AND THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL AND PERMANENTLY LOSE CUSTODY OF THIS CHILD.

  7. I applaud the comments from Mr Larratt re ‘tribal’ cultures and whether thosewho denounce the tattooing of this Western child would also disagree with ‘tribal’ child tattooing. Barf answers that question with a big NO. Sorry barf but your comment is every cliché I am tired of hearing – if you disagree with a ‘tribal’ practice it’s imperialism! Yes we should just wait for those ‘tribal’ children to dissent, right? They can just magically be empowered through some expensive ‘pc’ programme delivered by intervening imperialists on their world saving gap year. Barf your clichés are such a common response to cultures other than your own-let’s all sit on our hands whilst a child is abused, right? I personally feel it is racist to not fight for all children’s human rights regardless of their culture.

  8. Horrible. I went against my cultural tradition and did not circumcise my sons. I think that the comparison in the post is fair. My sons can grow up and choose for themselves regarding tattoos, foreskin, and faith. Their bodies, their choice.

  9. Shannon,

    This took place in Florida, where it is not legal to tattoo anyone under the age of 16, even with parental consent. The only exception is for medical procedures.

  10. I’m horrified by all of it. No child should have his or her body altered in any way. It’s absolutely child abuse to hold a child down and tattoo, circumcise, or anything else. Why are all these “cultural practices” always done to children? Probably because if the cultures allowed the children to decide as consenting adults, then the practices would quickly stop. It is the harmed children who grow up to harm their children, and so it continues for generations…

  11. That mother deserves to be shot point-blank between the eyes. Disgusting beyond words.Religion must be stopped.

  12. I do not believe that you can compare a circumcision of a newborn with tattooing a toddler. First off, with circumcision the foreskin area is numbed; my son slept through the entire procedure and never showed any signs of discomfort during the healing process. As a tattooed person, I know that no anthestic is used to numb the pain during or after the procedure. As for respecting religious preferences; not if it causes physical or emotional distress. This has held up in court before with those religions that do not believe in modern medicine as well as those who try to perform exorcisms on children. No one person’s rights can prevail when they infringe on anothers.

  13. A while ago I used to think those tribes that practiced ritual tattooing and body modification were (sic) admirable. Now that I am older and even more of an individualist I saw those practices for what they were. A violent and graphic means at excersizing control and conformity.

    I watched the video, and as a parent (and enlightened human being) I found it vile. This poor child. I have to say the video makes me a bit angry. I find this practice or all others to be cruel. Even done to an animal I would agree that this practice is cruel. When it is time for this person to die they will realize that they tortured their child for a lie, a myth. They lived their entire lives according to some toxic vomit spewing out of this preacher that condones that nonsense. I think that would constitute a version of “hell”. Just think about how frightening to that person it will be when they are dieing and realize that it is all a lie……that is their punishment in my opinion.

  14. fucking discusting as a prittty well tattood mother i wld never do this to my child i wanted to cry an religion my arse thats an excuse her child shld be taken off her an they shld all go to jail cause this is a crime its not even my child an im so angry!!!!

  15. This lady is a gimp and deserves to be beaten with a dead fish until she bleeds, whatever this religion is that has inspired such a stupid idea such as tattooing 666 onto this kids wrist must have been inspired by a bad acid trip. I bet she doesn’t even believe in the religion and it is just some kind of egotistical rebellious childish smirk of a religion for spoiled hipster freaks who don’t know what the meaning of going to fat means, I believe in love and peace, I believe in freedom of expression and of religion for the most part but I don’t believe what I just read, what a pathetic joke, poor child!

  16. @BARF
    moral universalism/realism is not the same as moral imperialism.
    the difference is, basically, that you have to judge your own actions and culture by the same standards that you judge others on. imperialism relies on a supposed difference that allows different treatment.

    it’s sometimes helpful to encourage people to be more skeptical about their own beliefs than those of others, since they naturally fit best with their experience.
    but abandoning judgement altogether brings you nowhere, and denies the possibility of any progress.

    empowering criticism from within is a promising option for moral progress, but when supporting minorities you still have to pick and choose which are actually critical movements and which are fanatic fringe groups. there is no ‘neutral’ way of doing that.

    also, how could one be able to actually criticize imperialism in an imperialist culture?

    anyway, painfully making permanent modifications to a child’s body without medical benefit or consent is not a harmless tradition. and letting it happen is in itself a choice that requires justification.

  17. yo tengo 2 dos y a mi me dolieron…No lo puedo creer como unos padres pueden dejar que esto pase…..

  18. That’s horrible, no parent has the right to do that to a baby.

    And culture is no excuse for mutilating children; culture is worthless in the face of the right to bodily autonomy. Culture is worthless in the face of ANY Human right. That’s not Imperialism — that’s Humanism.

  19. This is disgusting! what is this world turning into? The parents should be in jail and be raped many times while in there.

  20. Yvonne wrote “No one person’s rights can prevail when they infringe on anothers.” Why doesn’t this also cover the topic of circumcision? Not bashing, just asking.

    The main difference between tattooing a baby and circumcising is that the medical community (more often than not) wrongfully endorses circumcision. They choose profits over their Hippocratic Oath. The one that says “do no harm”. I believe that NO medical procedure should take place unless medically warranted. Routine Infant Circumcision happens before there is an actual need. Less than 1% of properly cared for intact males will ever have a medical issue worthy of considering circumcision.

    The mother here is having her baby tattooed for religious reasons. Some parents choose to have their sons circumcised for religious reasons. I don’t see how they’re different. This child should have been allowed to choose whether he wanted this tattoo as an adult, the same way that religiously circumcised boys should have the right to choose for themselves when they are old enough. Parents should have no right to brand their children with THEIR beliefs.

    Oh, and PLEASE do not respond with “circumcision hurts more later”. That’s nonsense, plain and simple.

  21. How is this any different from circumcision of male babies or piercing a little girls ears without her permission, which are both common practices in Western cultures. Per usual, most Westerners are hypocrites!

  22. I didn’t watch the video, I found the story and the pictures disturbing enough. I don’t think any parent or other person has the right to decide over their child’s or someone else’s body; whether it’s about tattooing, circumcision, or piercing their earlobes. Everyone should have the choice to themselves.

    I am also disturbed by the comments about how the parent(s) and/or tattooist deserve to be shot, beaten, raped, etc. Nobody deserves any of those things, and committing, proposing or idolizing (more) violence doesn’t really help to promote the idea of everybody’s right to decide what they want or don’t want to do with their own bodies.

  23. they should arrest all of them putting this baby thru some much pain. this mother is sick and God will punish all of them for their sin. following a religion that claim He is God. please he is just a THIEF with a Tie on it

  24. it is comparable, and equally disgusting as circumcision. less than 30% of genital cutting uses any analgesic, and usually it’s only sugar water and a pacifier. the body goes into shock with extreme pain. to say that babies sleep thru being mutilated, means they were in shock. they cannot properly numb an infant, even with a dorsal nerve block, because to give them an effective dose is deadly to a newborns system. religion and complacency allow for children to suffer in the name of tradition. this is wrong, wherever it happened.

  25. this made me sick. couldn’t even watch. In cultures around the world children are marked, pierced what have you for spiritual reasons, traditions, etc but the reasoning for this is just plain ridiculous and upsetting. that poor kid.

  26. I often get asked if i will pierce the ears of small children, I always answer with I will as soon as they are old enough to ask for it and understand it will hurt and can understand not to touch them while healing, and of course parental consent. I don’t care how old you are I need your informed consent to work on you. We have had religious people bring small children into out shop and ask for us to tattoo small crosses on their hands, we say no, not one of our artists is comfortable with that. We draw our line strictly at 16, and then only if it is a memorial piece or religious, easily hidden for future jobs, and with parental consent. In some cultures they have all sorts of tattoos or scarification done at a young age, but compare those cultures 11 year old’s responsibilities to that of our society’s 11 year old’s and you will see what the difference is. 11 year old’s are not the same world wide, and should not be treated the same.

  27. this is child abuse pure and simple. that mother should be thrown in jail. there is no reason good enough to pin your child down and force pain on him.. u can argue that circumsision is the same thing. but medically its healthier for boys. and there r no medical reason for tattooing a small child. its disturbing and disgusting

  28. Such a discrace; its these sort of incidents that give us all bad names and bad news with regards to body modification ;(

  29. RE: Sassy,
    Actually, I was just throwing those question out there for discussion (playing devil’s advocate, if you will). I didn’t intend to actually argue from that perspective. I apologize if my questions upset you.

  30. I feel that this was wrong, on multiple levels.
    It’s obviously not the child’s choice, no one should allow their religious beliefs to modify another person’s body. I don’t care if that is their child.
    I fought with my son’s father’s side of the family tooth and nail because I refused to have him circumcised. He’s now 6 and fully capable of cleaning himself with no issues. I wouldn’t pierce an infant or toddler’s ears, either. I’ve seen videos of children in tribes all over the world get cut, circumcised (male and female), and pierced at a very young age. I don’t think it’s okay to do this to anyone without their consent. Forcing a child isn’t consent.

  31. Forget religious reasons, If your for or against tattoos, or even the meaning of that tattoo for a second. An look at how three grown adults were holding a child with no voice in this world down an giving him a permanent freakin tattoo. That’s wrong. I’m a born again christian an this is 100% wrong an against my belief but honestly if somebody paid me I’ll take care all three of them for cheap

  32. i dont give two flying craps if that mom and dad gave parental consent.. it should NOT be legal in any way! that child is barely old enough to speak for himself let alone the fact if he can say yeah i want to he probably has no idea what he is talking about or what they are talking about! so technically those parents should go to jail for child abuse cuz they are purposly conflicting pain against his will he is pulling away screaming in pain and she is holding him there! as a mother of four and also someone who is getting into teaching and have taken a childhood stress and trauma and can def say that that child will probably be scared emotionally not just physically from that… i cant even watch this its disgusting and so sad

  33. oh and that BARF person.. fyi circumsicions are medical prcedures done by DOCTORS who attend school for years to obtain a degree while tattoo artist do not.. also it is a sanitary thing to do, not cosmetic. thousands of americans get their children circumsized because of the high risks of infections. I have a friend whos father had to get circumsized at the age of 60 because he had a terrible infection.. parents just want to take the precaution of doing it when they are days old because it wont leave any permanent psycological damage there wont be a high risk of infection later on and it is before they discover those parts and wont be touching it and cause an infection that way. its a lot safer to get it done early as an infant than later on but having your child tattooed is outragous and THAT is cosmetic whether or not its part of their culture

  34. This is definitely comparable to circumcision, and honestly, I think circumcisions is worse, both are terrible of course, but think about it, both are done for cosmetic/religious/social reasons. (Don’t tell me it’s cleaner, prevents std’s, that’s all a load of crap. 90% of men in the world are intact and have no issue with cleanliness or anything else.)

    Both are painful. (usually anesthetic isn’t used with circumcision, and if it is, imagine getting urine and feces on an open wound. Ouch! I know it burned to pee after I gave birth for a while!)

    Both are being done without consent! I agree, circumcision is a personal choice, but look up the definition of personal.

    The difference? A tattoo, whilst permanent, will not change the way his body functions, it didn’t remove anything, it doesn’t take away any nerve endings (approx 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin compared to 6000-800 in the clitoris, that’s a lot of sensitivity! No wonder circumcised men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.)

    Also, there is much much more risks of complications, including death! With circumcision then what there is with a tattoo. Sure, there might be a chance of infection, But babies have died as a direct result of their circumcision, they will always have a less sensitive penis due to the removal of nerve endings and the thickening of the skin on the glans as it adapts to being an external organ, which it is NOT meant to be! Not to mention meatal stenosis, skin bridges, blood loss, too much skin removed resulting in uncomfortable erections. etc the list goes on.

    If it came down to it, I would choose getting my child tattooed over getting him or her circumcised any day! I can’t believe with all the information out there, people still try to defend the barbaric procedure. But none of my children will ever have part of their body cut off or tattooed for no good reason.

  35. Esos q disen cer los padres de un bebito y asen salbajismos como estos y usan a Dios para escusar sus a trosidades seban a quemar en el infieno purs dios no los perdonara pecar asi y luego desir q dios los manda aser eso que pesadilla

  36. This is intense, and messed up. (obviously). I am so glad you made the point about circumcision though, I am 100% against it (unless you are an adult and choose to have it done on yourself).

  37. as a mother, a REAL mother, you are supposed to do whatever you think is best for your child. a mother’s personal belief has nothing to do with doing what’s best for the child. to do what’s best for the child would be to let them have their own belief, not force them into your’s! THIS SO CALLED MOTHER SHOULD HAVE HER CUNT SEWED SHUT SO SHE CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN. THEN HER CUNT SHOULD BE CUT OFF AND SHOVED DOWN HER THROAT , SO SHE CAN CHOKE TO DEATH ON IT. JUST SAYING!!!

  38. anton lavey says do not give advice or offer opinions unless asked. In fact that is one of the satanic commandments. therefore what you did was uncalled for as the doctrine states.

  39. people are really stupid
    not think that is the pain in other bodies may be up traumatic
    that shit that make this
    we adults
    we stand
    but children? no protection
    every child has a right to expect to grow and decide what to do with her body
    fucking stupid parents
    really fuck

  40. Jose Luis de Jesus, is a FRAUD! and this just shows you the amount of ignorant people that have an emptiness in their life or illness in the minds which chose to follow this false prophet, I’ve seen this false prophet which has no power what so ever, cannot perform any miracle, cannot heal any sick person, cannot do nothing at all than use a lot of gel in his hair and talk very nicely about his cult. First he presented himself as jesus man and then as the anti-christ, I’m currently still waiting for the next title, could it be the real iron-man or thor or hulk, who knows?, I just hope that he doesn’t say to his flock of illness followers to kill themselves as part of the salvation, because they are so dumb enough to do it! Wake UP!!!!!!!!

  41. I could only watch a few second as I felt physically sick. I do not understand what this mother was thinking. I have a 2 year old and as a mother I could not put my child in such distress for any reason, religious or not!! This child is being restrained for god sake…consent or not – This is child abuse in my opinion!!
    I hope the mother and others in this video are eventually identified and prosecuted!!

  42. That so sad I couldn’t watch any more she was arested though THANK GOD I really thought she was going to come to my house and hold me down nd make me get a tattoo that says 666 F**K that I love GOD,LORD,JESUS wat ever it is. But she is probably sick in the head and how can the father just sit there he should be arested

  43. That brings me to tears man how can she sit there and watch the baby cry like that. The father should be arested 4 letting it all happened .if I was the mom I wouldn’t let any thing touch my baby I would lock up all of the nifes and put child Prof doors for every room u know that’s how a mom is really supposed to be like. NOT TO LET ANY HARM TOUCH OR GET NEAR THE BABY OR CHILD NEVER even if they were 26 NEVER NEVER WOULD I LET ANY THING HER MY DA

  44. Wow..ur a born again Christian but ur willing to hurt someone physically if your paid enough?? Wow..that’s really Christian of you.

    And yes circumcision does hurt worse in point: my son got circumcised young..he laid there sucking on a paci..didn’t flich at all and his recovery time was quick and painless. My ex got circumcised when he was 25 and he acted like he was going to die. He couldn’t sleep, walk, go the br, or get hard w.out being doped up on pain meds or else crying out in pain.

  45. I’m heavily tattooed and I found this offensive…its child abuse nothing else

  46. Tremendous issues here. I am very happy to look your post. Thanks so much and I am taking a look ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  47. To any dumb nutt cases that beloved in bullshit and do this to their child is a fuckin ignorant and a bad parent. Smh stupid ass telling the boy to shut up like REALLY stupid fuck the child is in pain punk ass bitch what do you exspect when your forcing him to get something he don’t even know about. Smh you should get your child taken away and never breed along with the stupid bitch holding him. Bad parenting


  49. Whoever does that to their child deserves the title of ‘Devil’s Advocate’.

    Where the heck did these idiots get the idea of tattooing the number 666 on their child’s arm? Because I can guarantee that that has never been taught at any church that I have attended.

  50. Stuff like this, as far as parents legally being able to do this, depends on what area you live in, & the shop as well. For example, in the city I live in, shops will not tattoo or even pierce kids that are under 16, even if they have their whole family there to sign consent. But legal or not, shame on the tattoo artist for doing it-I don’t know about elsewhere, but in the US, a private business like that has the right to make their own rules & refuse service. If the parents want to make an issue out of it & take it to court saying it was some kind of ‘discrimination’, let’s see if there’s any judge that’s going to side with them, if they decided to take it that far.

  51. yea like thats straight up child abuse like the kid cant even wipe his own ass at that age…give him a fucking chance the lady who did that needs to be dealt with…end of story

  52. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting a tattoo 666 on your baby. You need to get right with JESUS who die for us long time ago. Its not right to put 666 on your baby and someone needs to take that baby away from you because you are a bad parents. You both need Jesus. Also in Revelations it says if you have the market of the beast you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Think about what you did to you poor baby. You too are not good parents.

  53. I am late to comment, but want to say:

    Cultures that modify their children’s bodies tend to do so as newborns (circ-ing), or at puberty(various tribal peoples).

    As a newborn, the child won’t really be affected. Is it needed? No. But I have a cut boy, so I wont slam people over their decisions, made in ignorance, the name of religion, or full knowledge of the situation. I also have an almost three year old daughter who doesn’t have her ears pierced. I want her to decide what she wants the world to see when looking at her. No, I won’t make her wait an absurd amount of time, but I don’t feel comfortable having a newborns ears pierced even though I know of, and know, countless people who get their baby girls done pretty much on the way home from the hospital. If she asks, we’ll get it done. God knows between myself and her dad she has plenty of opportunity to realize people can, and do, go get stabbed just because they want to.

    More on topic:

    At puberty, or even later in childhood, a child in a culture that uses body modification tends to be excited. They may have been asking for their tattoos or whatever for years, since it’s part of being recognized as adult in their culture, or at a minimum as belonging within the group.

    I actually see such cases as similar to getting your license, buying your first (legal) drink, etc. It’s a rite of passage that is looked forward to and anticipated, despite the risks and potential injury/harm/pain that might result. It sucks. You wake up hungover, you wreck, etc, but you consider the benefit (increased self reliance, the ability to have a drink with friends) worth the risks and side effects. No difference, IMO.

  54. Some seriously SICK [email protected]! Rot in Hell! I hope the child grows up and stabs you both to death!< Cuz he learned kindness by you torturing him< against his will! What comes around< goes around= EAT IT PIG

  55. uhum I live in Pa. and circumcision is completely normal. Where is everyone from that they think it isn’t?? Everyone is commenting like it is child abuse, it’s completely normal here in america and your baby is looked at weird if you DON’T circumcise him. they get numbed and I always been told if you do not do it when they are young you will when they are older. And better for them to be young and forget than older and remember and it be more painful!

  56. “666″ does not having anything to do with Jesus or christianity, it is the opposite of Jesus. No parent should put there child through something sick like that!

  57. Circumcision is not a pleasant procedure, but you cannot compare it to tattooing an infant. Tattooing is never a medical procedure, whereas circumcision can be.

  58. This is simply an act of the enemy “the devil”. Jesus Christ is NOT A RELIGION!! He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE . He’s our Father, and He would NEVER I repeat NEVER HAVE ANYONE place that evil number of 666 on anyone let alone on a child. He(Jesus) is written on the tablets of our hearts! So, if anyone ever tells you to place that number on yourself to rep Him, take heed your repping the DEVIL. THAT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST…THE ANTICHRIST!…..(reference >Revelation13:15-18 and Revelation14:9-11)…Who ever thinks Jesus would have you do that is brainwashed. I pray in the name of the Lord you be rinsed in His precious blood open your eyes and be saved from the voice of that accuser who is Satan, a liar and big snake!! God Bless and Keep Everyone Who Reads This.:D

  59. You are absolutely right Dean! Thank you very much for posting that, hopefully others will take to heart the truth about Jesus Christ! People need to realize what is wrong and what is right. Keep speaking the truth! I follow you 100%!

  60. This is very disturbing. I started watching and felt really ill and stopped it. The mother should have this child taken away. Why would anyone want to mark their child with the devil symbol. You are cursing him, and not giving him a chance to live a good life. I hope you people burn in hell for this. No telling how many other children you have done this to. Its very sick and very concerning.


  62. I want that baby. That mother doesn’t deserve to ever be called mommy I have a two year old and I can’t even think of holding him down for a tattoo. I have three tattoos and they HURT like a matter WHAT the hell it was of that baby should be taken NOW. There are a million better homes and ill be the first to say I want him

  63. As a circumcised male I am absolutely fine with my parents choice to do so. I don’t feel that it was an act of abuse at all. It was done because they felt it would be beneficial to me in the long run. I happen to agree. My penis works just fine and it is low maintenance. I’m glad I had it done as a newborn because I have no conscious memory of it.

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