Personal Evolution – Part IV

I’m happy to release another installment in ModBlog’s series on the transformative journeys of individuals with significant facial modifications! As always, you can hit the “evolution” tag to see the whole series, and if you’d like to take part in a future post, please send me a small collection of headshot photos, starting with before you began modifying yourself, ending with where you’re at now, and a few steps inbetween (I’m easiest to reach at [email protected] or on my Facebook page). If you know someone you think should take part, send them a link to the series and encourage them. Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far. Click to zoom in, and enjoy!

Loy Machedo

Lucas Verheijen

Peter Csirmaz

Scott Gary Major

Sebastian Popp

Stephie Von Hütter Thomas

5 thoughts on “Personal Evolution – Part IV

  1. Sebastian Popp, 3′th photo – Dat right lobe… Did it snap since he is only showing left side in the next two?

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