Heart-shaped Forehead Implant

I really like this heart-shaped implant at the apex of Anka’s forehead, done by Chai at CALM Body Modification (calmbodymod.com) in Stockholm. Unlike most forehead implants — horns, ridges, and so on — which create alien or fantasy morphology, this implant is much more unique, creating more of an accent or character mark, the sort of thing one would more commonly see from a tattoo. The piece is a few years old in this photo, and was hand-carved out of silicone.

forehead heart

5 thoughts on “Heart-shaped Forehead Implant

  1. I’m with on that one K – my first thought was that “blue contacts” were the mod and that the poor girl had a boil on head. Oops!

  2. The “blue contacts” are her natural eyes, although you can see the unfiltered version on the CALM blog on their website — the color is due to the color correction. I think the fact that it looks “like a bump” is part of its charm — that it’s not “obvious”.

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