Got genital beads?

I was sent a request from an author looking to get some information about genital beading.  If you’ve got first hand knowledge and feel like sharing some insight, read on:

What I’d like to know is from a guy’s point of view the sensations of having the beads and what pleasure he can draw from them via masturbation, vaginal and or anal intercourse and what sensations from oral he may have.

And why he chose to have modification done and what if any mental stimulation they have for having their body modified.

If there is a female who has a boyfriend or lover who has beads implanted, I’d love to know how it feels to her as well and if there are certain positions she finds that enhance pleasure more or totally hurt.

I don’t go into detail in the story but need an underlying basis to go off of besides having ribbed or studded vibrators I’ll never have the opportunity to indulge in some wicked sex with someone modified. DH said hell no when I showed him a pic.

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  1. Thank you to those who have responded so far 🙂 I love meeting people and researching topics I need in my stories:)

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