Curt Autry Controversy

There has been a bit of controversy the last few days over a few statements from NBC reporter Curt Autry.

Below are the comments in question.

controversy2 .

Personally, I don’t think members of this community should be particularly surprised that an NBC reporter doesn’t quite fancy our lifestyle. I do, however, believe that as an “Emmy winning investigative reporter” you’re somewhat obligated to understand proper terminology at the very least. I personally contacted Curt Autry offering to sit down for an interview about the body modification community…I haven’t received a reply.
At any rate a lot of folks have had plenty to say about these statements, What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Curt Autry Controversy

  1. I made Many comments on his post and still having communication going on between him and his bosses They have no Concern as well they feel he did a great job

  2. I got angry at his first word, gross misuse of terminology for sure!
    Someone should let him know that he is certainly entitled to their opinion but should probably care about what these people may feel about his comments about their… “giant chin piercings” (actually laughed at that).
    Personally I understand why people might find this particular jewellery a bit freaky and don’t necessarily like it myself but if it makes them happy then so be it.

  3. It’s the clear labret that causes the shocked reaction for the most part. I have had a 1/2″ labret for the past 8 years and have had no problem with people’s reactions or finding employment

  4. I ask not these kind of people to understand me, and therefore I am never mad at them. let them be, question my sanity if they will, stare at me, or do whatever else make them feel good about their rigid mind.

  5. Some of my mods might be considered *extreme* by others- maybe not in this community-
    but still, I do have a facial tattooing and as a modified mother of five (momdified) who works professionally in my community and has sat on the board of directors for our hospital…I find it interesting that anyone in this day still so blatantly disregards the importance of personal choice and freedoms- a reporter with no interest in objectivity can be a *great* resource to further our culture’s love interest with judging anyone who doesn’t fit the mould.
    I see personally how anyone has the choice in how they will interact with me every day…maybe I am just *lucky* that i live where I do- but i think it goes deeper than that.
    I am judged by my actions…

  6. Inna way, if we wanna be a NBC report clone, yeah, that would be hard to find a job with a lip plate…

    But In my Lifestyle, with my friends And work, it’s impossible to get any problems with that. My Life’s in an other way, the way of open minded ppl,,,

    It’s a good thing if some Will judge you for this. Cuz if they does, they are just ppl that i wont even see if they stand next to me, for sure.

    We are the changement! Just be urself And change the world, with the peoples minds

  7. Ignorance and intolerance is still rife in today’s society. I don’t think we should expect anything less from pig headed people who don’t know sh*t from clay.

  8. i so truly long for a day where closed mindedness and ignorance has been so far into the past that peoples read stories of it as if it was a myth

  9. this is the kinda thing that scares me about getting mods. i know the mods i want will turn people away, for various reasons, and while i don’t particularly care what people think, i have heard stories of people being denied medical care or at least important medications because of being heavily modified. i dunno. people like him just overall piss me off :/

  10. The fact that so many people are now bashing certain mods and having such strong, negative opinions on them angers me more than most things do. They have no idea what positive outcomes body modification can do to a person, no matter how big or small. The ones that are shy about doing things like this to themselves are just being scared away from it all because it’s deemed “unacceptable”, “dangerous”, and “disgusting” by those who we occasionally look up to, such as the people on TV and the well known individuals from our cities or towns. I saw these pictures on a radio station’s Facebook page and it’s still flaring up causing arguments and issues. Why can’t these people just let us be? We don’t intrude on what they do to make themselves happy, so what gives them the right to do this to us?

  11. As someone who used to have a labret piercing (among 6 others) myself, I agree with what he said. You don’t get piercings to hide them. They’re a personal expression, and they’re blatantly attention-seeking. To criticize (or, honestly, to display even a LITTLE shock to) someone for reacting and expressing HIS opinion about it is hypocritical and absurd. Period.
    I wish I had someone like Curt putting this story out when I was younger because that sobering dose of truth may have helped me advance myself much sooner than I did. Support what you want and make your own choices, but don’t talk shit about someone else for doing the same.

  12. I would also like to comment on the “gauged earlobes have been around since early egyptians” and refers to lower lip plates as a “new fad”

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