Ink Blood and Spirit


I just received word that Ink, Blood and Spirit, a documentary on Little Swastika whose work has been featured on ModBlog in the past, is available on-demand as an online download.  Here’s what the filmmakers had to say about it:

A biographical portrait of the self-taught tattooer and artist ”Little Swastika” , whose work is well known worldwide. Filmed in december of 2013 at his studio and gallery – Psyland – located in the small village of Tengen in southern Germany. The main focus is his life story with topics such as inspiration, religion, drugs and body modification.

The film has screened in twelve countries, has been nominated for best documentary and has been officially selected to several film festivals.

If you’d like to watch the trailer or rent the film, it costs a whopping $1.99, click here.


4 thoughts on “Ink Blood and Spirit

  1. A comment got accidentally deleted but I’m going to respond to it, though I feel it’s inappropriate for this post as the attention should be on the topic of the post. In any case, there are currently no active volunteers to write for ModBlog. I don’t have the energy or the time to do it. Last year in June and then November, I lost both my father and my aunt and I don’t have much left in me for anything. I post from time to time, in particular when someone emails me with something like this. People say they want to write for ModBlog but when they realize how much work it actually is and how much flak they have to take from people commenting, they give it up. So that is why ModBlog is not updated regularly. If there was someone to do it, it would be.

    As for Shannon’s birthday, no one forgot. For those of us that knew him, it is painful and honestly, more than a year later I still don’t know what to say. I don’t really want to say anything else as the comments here should be about the documentary and it’s unfair to take the attention away from what this post is actually about. I’m sorry if you felt there should have been some mention of Shannon’s birthday yesterday but it certainly didn’t go unnoticed for anyone.

  2. i have 11 websites on my toolbar. I click on them when i get home from work. been like that for a few years atleast. even though this site doesnt get updated to often it still doesnt leave that spot. i dont know shannon at all but hearing from him just through this website had a real emotional impact on me. and hearing that he passed away was the only time ive ever felt sad just from a website. mostly just trying to say i appreciate that you guys keep the site going.
    on a diferent note. that documentary was wayyyyyyy too short. I want to see more. hell i could probably watch hours of him just tattooing but really im sure there is way more about him then 18 minutes could ever cover. probably. beautifully shot though.

  3. Thanks for that Arin. I know that Shannon impacted many lives and he definitely leaves a giant hole that can never be filled, especially for his daughter. We miss him.

    I’m sure the guys who shot the documentary will be pleased to hear you liked it and that you would have liked it to be longer. 🙂

  4. can you please delete my real name marc from this. i don’t like to have them connected to me.

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