ModBlog News of the Week: April 3, 2015


Here is your news roundup for April 3, 2015:

* Tattoo film festival spreads its ink to mainstream audience
* Video of mom forcing screaming daughter to get ears pierced goes viral
(Just a note about this, the video is very disturbing and you may want to skip watching it if you haven’t already seen it.)
* Biohackers develop night vision eye drops to see in the dark
* Thief spends six hours getting Jesus tattoo – then runs off with £1000 takings from till

In celebrity news…
* Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter seal their love by getting matching tattoos on their middle fingers
* Hilary Duff reveals her secret tattoos
* Miley Cyrus Gets New Tattoo
* Tara Reid accompanies drunk fan while he has her name tattooed on him.

If you read any news stories relating to body modification please do send them in.  It’s hard to find everything that’s out there on my own and it seems like celebrity news dominates and while BME has always covered body modification in all its forms, including celebrity news, it would be nice to have some regular news stories to share as well.

Submit news stories.

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