ModBlog News of the Week: April 24, 2015


Here is your news roundup for April 24, 2015:
* 2,000 Tattoos, 40 Piercings & A Pickled Ear – This is from a TV program that ran in the UK. You can watch the episode for free online right now.
* Stick and poke tattoos concern public health officials
* Challenges in Europe: Refusing racist tattoos in Hungary
* Marine Considered ‘Unfit’ to Re-Enlist Due to Rifle Tattoo
* Drunk dad attempts his own at-home tattoos; spells his son’s name AND nickname wrong

In celebrity news…
* British supermodel Stephen James flashes body tattoos and taught frame
* Ariana Grande and Her Brother Get Matching Tattoos
* Kristen Stewart Turned to Her Mom for Her New Tattoo

Thanks to Emma for submitting a link!

If you read any news stories relating to body modification please do send them in.

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