Tattoo Survey

I received the following request for a tattoo survey. If you’re interested in participating, check out the information below.

Are you a tattooed job seeker over the age of 18? If so, you could get a $5 Amazon gift card by participating in our study at the following site, We are a team of researchers from Michigan State University interested in your views on tattooed individuals and the job search process. The survey is anonymous and no one will be able to link your responses back to you. The information is being collected solely for research purposes. In exchange for completing this survey, you will receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

One thought on “Tattoo Survey

  1. I came to ink very late-67- was my first and now I’m 73. I’ve got a large chest piece that is an abstract eagle, on calf has the iconic fallen soldier boots, rifle in the sand and helmet. It’s the soldier fallen. On the opposite calf is a version of Cellini’s Perseus holding the head of Medusa as the soldier victorious. Cellini might be surprised to find Perseus was something of a badass soldier holding a head he’s recently cut off, has “Infidel” on his chest and is significantly more masculine. In my left arm pit is a blue ringed octopus, one tentacle reaches out and down to the beginning of a full sleeve. Back piece starts behind my thighs and is the skeletal innards of me, illustrating the many surgeries. One thing, at my age, when I go to the crematoria, my ink will still be fresh…as opposed to those who started at age…17

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