BME Social Media

Word of mouth has been our method of reuniting the community, and it has brought a substantial amount of us together. I am inspired by your loyalty and I want to remind more people of BME’s existence. In 2020 we gained control over @bmezine on Instagram. It has been sitting dormant since then, which we are changing now. I believe that we can reunite thousands of past BME members by getting exposure there. Initially, I would like to feature you on our page. If you have any works you are particularly proud of, please send submissions to [email protected] and include if possible your artist, any interesting details about the work, and you @ if you would like to be tagged.

I have ideas of interviews, videos about different body mods, and news, but you know exactly what you want to see. If you have suggestions or ideas please email me at [email protected] .

BME continues to exist because of all of you. Thank you,

Nefarious Larratt


Despite the hurricanes in 2015 which destroyed almost all of what Rachel owned, she managed to save the original inventory from BME. We have relisted some of the stock on with the hopes you may be interested. 

Our first drop includes a selection of one of a kind skeleton statues, originally hand carved in Indonesia from animal bones. Depending on the success of this drop, future drops will include jewelry, suspension supplies, rare body-mod books and different types of body modification supplies. 

Every purchase is very appreciated as 100% of the profits go directly to the restoration and maintenance of BME. I am very grateful for the continued support BME has received and I will be hand writing a thank you note for everyone who orders from this drop. 

– Nefarious Larratt