About Chez Stock

Chez Stock is is BME's 2010 World Tour Manager!

Crew Blog #2

australia will kill you

East Point, Darwin. photo and caption by Meg Dejmal

Well, here we are.  Another crew blog.  I meant to write one last week as well but holy jebus have we been busy.  We had a day off and literally; we all just slept.  And Meg got tattooed.  But we just mostly slept.  These guys sleep like champions! I thought I was an opportunist napper but boy howdy, I think Richard and Meg are tied for that distinction.  MS Word is telling me that I am using bad grammar right now with green squiggly underlines, just so you know.  What can I say; I excel at some things, not so much grammar.

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Crew Blog #1



World Tour! Wooo! I know, I know, you guys realllllly want to see an update of our time thus far in Australia. Don’t worry, it’s coming. In the mean time, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Chez and I am the BME World Tour, Tour Manager (see all those capitals? That means I’m important). I will be updating you all on the whereabouts of our crew and our day-to-day stuff. Like I said, don’t worry, the team are tirelessly working on an amazing post of the shops here in Sydney right now. In the mean time, here is a little overview of our adventure thus far!
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