Crew Blog #1



World Tour! Wooo! I know, I know, you guys realllllly want to see an update of our time thus far in Australia. Don’t worry, it’s coming. In the mean time, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Chez and I am the BME World Tour, Tour Manager (see all those capitals? That means I’m important). I will be updating you all on the whereabouts of our crew and our day-to-day stuff. Like I said, don’t worry, the team are tirelessly working on an amazing post of the shops here in Sydney right now. In the mean time, here is a little overview of our adventure thus far!

We all met up in LA a few days before our flight out to Sydney so we’d have a chance to get to know each other and coordinate equipment and whatnot. missmeg and mcshady were gracious hosts in the great Casa Cholita. Getting to know each other came without much work which is nice considering we all have to share space for the next 3 months in unusual circumstances.

We trotted around the city taking care of last minute details like power adapters and travel sized toothpastes and most importantly, twizzlers. Finally, the day of our departure arrived. It seemed like the day flew by ridiculously quick and before I knew it, our airport shuttle was late and I’m pretty sure I called the company at least 6 times in a half hour time frame to ask where the hell they were. Even with the shuttle being late, we still made it to LAX with enough time to grab a quick bite in the one restaurant our terminal had to offer. (Seriously, why does LAX suck so much?)

We spent much of the first hour of our flight chatting to each other via the plane’s instant messaging chat system. Yes, we are that nerdy. We really tried to get other passengers involved but everyone kept turning down our requests. Boooo-urns! Eventually we all passed out and slept in spurts. I put on at least 3 movies and slept through all but Julie and Julia, which was surprisingly good. Made me quite hungry really. Airline food is no bueno. All and all, the flight went by really quick and it seemed like we spent more time in the immigration line than on the plane.

Nano met us at the Sydney airport because he’s a champ. We were at least 45 minutes late, plus the excessive amount of time it took to get through immigration and he was still there with a smile on his face ready to dole out hugs upon our arrival. After mussing around with our bags and exchanging some currency, we hailed a cab and headed to the city. We’ve been staying at a super awesome hostel that has been just as gracious as every host so far. Fernando showed us around town, explained the ins and outs of the transportation system, introduced us to another awesome IAM member, hotbrad and has just been an all around fantastic host. We were sad to see him go when he flew out to the states. If you see him this month on his journey across America, make sure to return the favor and show him a great time for us!


The team has been on point and working their butts off this week. We’ve had a few bumps in the road, as any new excursion does but all and all, it’s been amazing. The talent in our group is obvious and I can’t wait to see the finished products that we are able to publish on BME. Hopefully you all will be just as proud of these guys as I am!

Sincerely yours,
(That is BME World Tour, Tour Manager by the way… yes I get my very own acronym)