What Were We Thinking? Episode 1

In hopes of bringing some new flavor to this little blog of ours, I’d like to introduce a few new types of post. For instance, we have the “Guess What?” and “From the Vault” post that are regularly occurring themes now.

One of my ideas for a new type of post is “what were we thinking?”. Anybody who has been involved in body modification for several years likely has had some REALLY bad ideas along the way. So long as we have learned from these mistakes and moved forward there is no reason we shouldn’t look back on these fiascos, say “what were we thinking?” and laugh our tattooed asses off.

To kickstart this series, I offer up this picture of my good friend, Mason. Jeebus bless this guy, because he has brought me more laughs at his expense than any other piercer in the history of this industry.




A CBR as a facial surface piercing? BRILLIANT! I can’t believe this didn’t work.