Power Portfolio: Roy R. Fowler


In this Modblog piece we occasionally feature select artist portfolios for those that have been really killing it lately! Our small way of giving some credit where credit is due and giving back to the industry!

This go around we’re featuring the extraordinarily talented Roy R. Fowler from Wilmington, NC. Roy works out of Cape Fear Tattoo, go say hello and get some awesome work if you live in the area!


I may have purposely used this photo to showcase that beard action.

Lets dive right in to some rad portfolio action!

portfirstport4Click through to see the rest!
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Double Navel Piercing From The Archives

While snooping around the Very Unusual Piercings I found this photo which is…very unusual. A double navel piercing uploaded by SaintMary in 2004 that is a bit more interesting than it might sound.

Two is better than one.

Two is better than one.

Now since this is an older photo (2004 is so ancient right?) if this has been covered before I apologize and give you permission to yell at me in the comments. Click through to see the closeup!
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Joke’s On Me!

Normally my piercer mind would group these self done permanent piercings on Stormchaser into the “That’ll never heal” category. I am however frequently surprised at the things folks can keep long term. These are all seven years old! If you’ve never heard the term “Permanent Piercing” take a look at the BME Wiki page for it.
permpierceClick through to see the placement of these permanent piercings!

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Power Portfolio: Karla “Pinky” Grimes


In this new Modblog piece we will be featuring artist portfolios that have been uploaded to any of the the Awesome BME Portfolio Galleries! Our small way of saying thank you to all of the talented artists who submit their work to BME.

This time we’re taking a look at Karla “Pinky” Grimes! Shes a professional piercer  at Pinky’s Piercings in Champaign, IL. Click through to see some select portfolio pieces and be sure to check out her personal BME gallery!


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SPC: What’s in your back pocket?

jimhanky copy

Psst. Would you folks like to have a lil peek into the history of modern body piercing?

Are you familiar with the Hanky Code?

According to Wikipedia, the Hanky code is:

“… a color-coded system, employed usually among the gay male casual-sex seekers or BDSM practitioners in the leather subculture in the United States, Canada, and Europe, to indicate preferred sexual fetishes, what kind of sex they are seeking, and whether they are a top/dominant or bottom/submissive. The hanky code was widely used in the 1970s by gay and bisexual men, and grew from there to include all genders and orientations.”
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Is anyone interested in history?

Scan 2

Rachel has graciously allowed me access to the ModBlog control panel. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it, to be honest. I already have a bunch of blogs that you may or may not read- ScarWars, Occult Vibrations and my own personal diary site, so what can I offer to you folks here at Modblog?

History maybe?

My passion is the documentation of the things that I love. Always has been. I’m one of those folks who wants to know everything about the things that interest me. Luck (and a birthday in the 1970s) placed me right smack dab in the middle of the cultural shift in the Body Modification community, when the older generation and the younger generation met and everything changed. Jack Yount (pictured above) was instrumental in teaching me about those who came before me as well as instilling a desire in me to document and preserve those lessons.

So tell me ModBlog… If I post it, will you read it? Are there still folks out there that want to know who Jack Yount was, or what a U-Tube is? What connection Cliff Raven had to Ed Hardy or how old Brian Skellie was the first time I saw him naked?

Remember that there’s a comment section and let me hear from you. I want interaction on Modblog!

10 Ridiculous Piercing Patents

The patent offices are overflowing with silly, ill-conceived inventions on all subjects, and the world of body piercing is no exception. It seems like there is a long list of people who are not experienced with piercing personally, but have seen it and decided their great intellect can contribute various creations that would improve the life of a pierced person. Unfortunately, these ideas are the sort of ideas that make sense to the outsider, but are complete nonsense to those who actually know something about piercing firsthand. Below are ten of the more ridiculous piercing patents I’ve come across in my research.

“Medicated Ear Rods”
Patent 4353370, Filed Nov 17, 1980

The idea behind this invention is an earring where the end is hollow and full of a cleaning solution, with the rod designed to “provide a constant supply of cleaning solution to the earlobe to prevent infection of the ear hole.” As piercers know, one of the most common reasons for complications in healing is overcleaning — can you imagine what would happen to a piercing that was being cleaned non-stop? Best case this patent would keep a piercing in a perpetually unhealed state… worst case is far less pleasant.

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Modified World Video Update

This past Friday J.C. of Pangea Piercing just posted the latest The Modified World videocast show, this week talking about things like fossil, bone, horn, and amber body jewelry — organic body jewelry other than wood. As always, a wonderful introduction to and in-depth discussion of the subject from J.C.’s encyclopedic love of all things bodmod for the piercing geek — and always great “educated consumer” information as well, protecting you from the many scams floating about in what has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s about nine minutes of meat (11:11 total), and this video gets into more depth than the wood jewelry one did and it was quite enjoyable — and a superb advertisement for Pangea’s enticing selection of jewelry.

I’m just terrible about regularly promoting things, so I should mention that last week J.C. interviews and does some work for Alexis Brown of the band “Straight Line Stitch”. Fans of either The Modified World or Straight Line Stitch will enjoy this. Here’s the link: youtube.com/watch?v=ZYqyxrFzfwA, although if you only have time for one of these two, the one on jewelry above was more to my liking.