Siamese long long twins

Fabricio Cardoso of Cia Do Piercing in PalhoÁa – Santa Catarina- Brazil sent in photos of two of his customers that had been separated at birth. Longing for that connection again, he was pleased to help bring the brothers back together again. Yeah, uh, nevermind, that wasn’t even funny. Forget I wrote that. Seriously.

Though I’m not shocked these photos came from Brasil. I’m not sure if there has just been a huge upsurge in Brasilian members but it seems like 1/4 of the submissions have been coming out of Brasil!


I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ve been staying off line and trying to take some time off to spend with my daughter so I apologize for the light posts. I’m going to try to post tomorrow and Wednesday but I may not have time. Thursday will see everything back to normal. Thanks for supporting BME and don’t forget today is the last day for the 30% off sale in BMEshop. Use the coupon code bme4days.

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