Start ‘em young, teach ‘em right

I just read on Rachel’s page about Ari getting her ears re-pierced soon.  It got me thinking about children’s ear piercings. While, I, as a piercer, refuse to do babies ears. However, I fully encourage parents to wait until there child is old enough to ask for the piercing and then bring them into a proper piercing establishment. Most of the modblog readers can spout off reasons why piercing guns are bad and those are all valid points. However, people often overlook the importance of a skilled piercer doing the lobe piercings and assume merely using a needle alone is enough. This is why the vast majority of ear lobe piercings are poorly angled or not symetrically matched and  also why many in our community who have stretched from “regular” lobe piercings end up needing to be scalpelled to correct this initial screw up later down the line.

Rest assured John Scarab’s niece is on the right path if she decides to follow in her uncle’s footsteps and stretch her lobes when she is older. Or maybe she will decide to keep with the smaller jewelry like the white gold studs with pink sapphires she was pierced with. Either way as long as she doesn’t decide to “Gauge” her ears, John has done well for her.