Do it yourself, with the dicing slicing gomco-matic!

One of the common issues I (and I would imagine a lot of other piercers) run into on a regular basis is the parents who bring their infant daughter in for ear piercings. No laws in my state keep me from doing this, but my personal ethics will not allow me to do any modification on an non consenting client. My view on circumcision is the exact same, I don’t feel it’s my right to decide the fate of my son’s penis. I feel that is a decision for him to make as a consenting informed adult.

Apparently, the parents of this BME Hard contributor, shared my viewpoints and left their son uncut. Now as an adult he has not only decided to get circumcised, it appears he decided to do the procedure himself using a gomco clamp.


To see the blood beyond the blur, keep on keeping on.

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Interview with James Keen; a young, heavily modified, eunuch.

I first talked to James several years ago. At the time he was a minor seeking answers to questions about heavy mods. In all honesty, I didn’t take him too seriously. I foolishly lumped him in with several other young modders that seemed to be more into the fantasy of obtaining heavy mods than the reality of doing so. In fact, I distinctly remember some photo editing of mods onto a picture of his face at one point which made it truly seem as if it was all just fantasy for him.

However, as years passed, it became obvious he was totally serious with his desires and he began to get all the mods he had previously spoken with me about.

Several years ago, he interviewed me for the now defunct Now it is time for me to turn the tables and interview him. So without further ado, I give you a conversation with the now 26-year-old James Keen.


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Living in both worlds…

Subcision is one of my oldest BME friends as well as being the second person I ever met into surgical genital modifications (the first being Shawn).  When I first got interested in subincisions there was not much information available aside from J’s old BME interview. Entering the world of surgical genital modification as a young hetersoexual male was quite unusual, and quite intimidating at the time. However,  Subcision and J were the two guys I could go to  with questions about the procedure and life after this modification, and they never once  made me feel uncomfortable.

Since those conversations almost a decade ago, Subcision has not stop modifying his penis. Pretty much as soon as one mod heals (or sometimes before) he is going back into his penis with more piercing, tattooing or surgical mods. He is a prime example of someone who lives quite well in the “normal” world as a clean cut man in a tie while, unbeknownst to his colleagues, he is hiding quite the array of body mods under his clothes.


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Did you make any New Years Resolutions to give up something this year?

Lots of people make resolutions to give up something for New Years. Smoking, drugs, drinking, eating bad; these are all common examples of things people resolve to give up year after year. The problem is, most people never follow through with these resolutions. Most people go back to their previous lifestyle, simply because they have that as an option.

BME members are generally a little less afraid of commitment. For instance, tattoos and large stretched piercings and other mod work are generally considered permanent. Sure you can have Chuck zap off your tattoos with that fancy laser beam of his, or you can have your stretched piercings sewn closed, but for the most part these mods are (and should be) considered permanent.

Then there is the more “extreme” side of our community. The guys (and gals) who do modifications that there is NO changing their mind on and going back to “normal” later. Take for instance this BME HARD contributor who has made the ultimate commitment.


If you want to see the uncensored picture of this 5 year old penectomy submitted by Katukisuguru, go ahead and click on through.

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And the winner was….


He was the first person to correctly cite the album featured in this post as Faith No More’s Epic. Since I said whoever named the album correctly would be a “modblog star for a day”, here is his moment of internet stardom. It turns out he has been featured two times previously, but this one is different. This feature is about the man in the pictures, not just the pictures.

Nihilist, describes himself as:

“Beer drinkin’, whiskey chuggin’ S.O.B. Ramblin’ man. Love kitties. Hate humanity. Jobless/Homeless. Anarchist. ”

He seems like my kind of guy. In fact , that’s the kind of description I could have used for myself a few years back during my angsty youth period. Well, except the jobless/homeless part, I have always been way too into gadgets and creature comforts for that.


Here’s a tattoo of his that would have definitely been worth a modblog post all on it’s own. This “corporate zombie” was done by Duff at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, CA.


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And they say we have no class!

They are fools! BME is full of classy, cultured, modified people.

For instance , did you know about the modified girl who studies and teaches opera and also runs a body suspension performance group called Operafication? Or how about, Nick ,who is a respected architect  plays classical music on the harpsichord and just happens to have full facial tattooing and other “extreme” visible body mods? Dig around IAM and you are bound to find a bunch of other examples of people who combine there love of body mods with other high brow interests.

For example, where else could you find someone that has combined there love of Mozart and there love of body play in the same way that this BME HARD contributor has?


…and for those of you who want to de-blur you know the deal.

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