DIY Subinicision Regret and Closure

It’s pretty rare for people to reverse meatotomies and subincisions — if anything, they tend to grow longer rather than shorter — but it does happen. Sometimes it’s just because people enjoy modifying their bits in may different ways (this is covered in detail in the Meet Tommy book), and at other times it has to do with regrets, either of the individual themselves (sometimes people cut themselves in a sort of “sexual frenzy” and get carried away, pushing their mods farther than they are ready for) or their worries about how others will respond.

Patrick Kielty (of Body Alter in Worksop, England who you may remember from this recent achilles piercing post) was recently called in to repair a self-done subincision. The wearer seemed unsure from the start about what they had done, and for the first week kept it hidden away and wrapped up in tissue paper. Realizing the problem wasn’t going to solve itself, he went to Patrick for the reconstruction because his subincision “made him feel weird” and “it just needed fixing”. The procedure itself was as you’d expect — cut open the inside edges and stitch it back together. While doing the closure, Patrick also used a small urethral sound to ensure that the urethra was kept at an appropriate size. In addition, because the wearer had originally worn a 15mm PA prior to the splitting, when Patrick closed it up, he left a PA hole, which now holds a captive bead ring.

The pictures continue after the break — they are of course NSFW and “adults only”.

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Earlier in the week we saw a brief look at one of Scorpio’s torture inventions.  As promised, today you get to see the whole machine.  Now according to him this “fucks up everything in one go”.

I’m sure you can guess what body parts go in which spot, but why guess when we’ve got pictures!  Keep on reading to see how it all comes together once the electricity is hooked up.

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Branding with purpose

I’m going to start this post of with a quick advisory.  This is a unique situation that was brought about at the recommendation of a medical doctor.  However, just because it was recommended in this situation does not mean it can be applied to everyone.  Glans branding isn’t anything new, and if your goal is strictly aesthetic, then by all means do whatever it is you wish.  That said, if you’re contemplating this because of the medical reasons, please consult your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

Well, now that the ominous warning is out of the way, lets take a look at this glans branding by Eroswastika.

What makes this branding unique is the story behind it.  This is what Ighlif had to say…

A guy contacted me, directed by a physician, to make a genital branding, exactly on the glans. suffered from premature ejaculation and after several visits and tests your doctor has concluded that at the root of the problem was an acute sensitivity to the base of the penis, below the urethra. The solution was to him or use EMLA or other anesthetic creams before intercourse, or numb the area with a possible intervention to elettrocautere …. or through a decorative branding!!

As you can see, this was a pretty interesting way to solve a medical problem.  To see the unblurred photo, you’ll have to keep reading.

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