Modified Music Monday!

Ran across Only Flesh the other day. They are a band local to me (Pittsburgh,PA) that really puts body modification at the forefront. The video features a ton of suspension/ pull stuff and the singer is heavily modified. Its nice to see bands going the distance to put on an unforgettable show and a unique aesthetic.

From the lead singer Revina Lower
“Only Flesh the sleazy rock n roll band with a nasty habit of hanging from hooks is back with a brand new video fr “crucivixen” off of their last release “…from the gutter to the grave” on Rotten Records. directed by Screaming Butterfly it contains all the thing youve come to expect from the glam trash hellions.. babes, blood, and… well what else is there? catch their disease at

Check it out!



One of the most rewarding things about being part of a community like BME/IAM is making long term connections with people from all over the world. Having them be part of your life, watching them evolve and learn and grow…having them there to pick you up when you fall.

The people in this photo, for example. Håvve, Headmaster of Pain Solution… eight years ago last month he celebrated his birthday at our guesthouse in Mexico during BMEfest La Paz… five days ago he celebrated my birthday with us here in Philadelphia.

The little guy taking pictures? That’s the owner of Scylla Body Jewelry in Chicago, Micah.. a gentleman I’ve had more than a few adventures with.

And the young lady suspending. Shannon. I’ve known her for half a decade and have watched her grow into an amazing, confident woman who continues to surprise and impress me. Last weekend (Aug 2-4) she made the trip to ROP Campout in Massachusetts where she did a resurrection and suicide suspension.

The modifications we undergo are important, but they’re nothing without the people who make them special. Get active; go to events, meet and get to know people… you’ll end up leaving with a lot more than you expected!

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SPC: APP2013 and the Best of Intentions

You know what they say about the road to hell.
I had planned to ‘cover’ APP for you folks who couldn’t attend. Photos, video interviews and live updates from the Conference and Expo floor. Then I got to Vegas, found my luggage literally saturated with water (SWA Baggage Handler left it out in a rainstorm) and got to the hotel already feeling a summer cold taking hold of me…

My APP experience this year was NOT ideal, Modblog Readers.
That said- it was one of the best Conferences I’ve attended. For some, it’s a yearly Bacchanal; a chance to leave the studio and real life behind for a week, stay up till dawn drinking (and then some) and debauching and oh yeah, maybe buy some jewelry and take a few of the classes we paid for. But this year saw a large upswing in first time attendees, with classes packed with people who saved all year to attend and to improve their craft. The vibe, if you will, was much different than I expected.
matteapp001 copyThis year I found myself getting up at 6:45am (which was roughly when I used to ‘call it a night’ in previous years) to join the rest of the early risers who agreed to join my running group, taking a two mile jog down the Las Vegas strip instead of seeing how much we could drink and still maintain the appearance of sobriety. Instead of heading out to the shooting range I found myself in Paul King’s class “The Grieving Body- Does Body Modification Injure or Heal the Psyche” which for my money was his best to date, taking notes and being humbled by Paul and Kendra’s research and commitment to our community.
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The devil is in the details

When I first became involved with the suspension community (right at the turn of the century) I found an astonishing amount of beauty in the experience and ritual of it all. However, looking back at those old photos it’s hard to see them as beautiful with the HIDEOUS hardware store rigs we used and the perfectly functional, but severely unaesthetic, way we connected the person to the aforementioned rigging.

Then, out of nowhere, I started seeing the rigging evolve into an artform all of it’s own. I believe the first truly artistic rigging I ever personally saw was done by Oliver Gilson (yes the same Gilson responsible for designing the modern suspension hook of choice). I recall him doing these absolutely gorgeous suspensions where the rigging was done with a ton of 550 cord dynamically rigged to a single point. All of the sudden the rigging had become as integral of a part of the suspensions aesthetic as the suspendee themself.

Now, I am pleased to say, that same artistic sense of rigging is becoming the norm in the modern suspension community.  For instance, check out this gorgeous suspensions put on by  the Skindependent Suspension team which runs the long cording not only to multiple points, but to multiple rigs spread out across independent mounting locations.



Eden Thomson, of Skindependent filled me in on the story behind Kyrsten Wallace’s suspension.

This was Kyrsten’s first suspension after an amazing weight loss of 20 kgs  (approximately 42 pounds). I have never seen her so happy with any suspension ever. It was a very proud moment and a real sense of accomplishment for her! This has opened up a lot more possibilities in terms of suspension styles for her knowing now how easy this was for her.



Photo Credit: Martin Booth, Light Fantastic


Dallas SusCon 2013 – Stelarc performance LIVE

Tonight at 10:30 CST log on to to view a live suspension performance by Stelarc!


Stelarc has been featured on ModBlog before, most notably in the 2004 video interview he did with Shannon.

Don’t miss out on a chance to watch this event!  As mentioned above it will begin streaming LIVE on starting at 10:30 CST (11:30 EST).