Video Interview with Tye Olsen

I am just terrible about telling you about these on time, so go subscribe to his YouTube channel! J.C. Potts has posted the most recent The Modified World (and the new one should come online tomorrow I hope), and you’ll be happy to hear that it’s an interview with long-time IAM/BME member Tye Olsen, talking about his “surgically modified pointed elf ears”. Another great show.

Wood Body Jewelry Facts [The Modified World]

J.C. Potts is back with another excellent weekly video magazine, this time talking about wood body — design, safety, and so on. I’d beg Rachel to offer J.C. a job here at BME if it weren’t for the fact that I think one of his strengths as a journalist is that he’s truly independent — he’s not sponsored by any website or company, so he can speak freely and without bias or influence. Always worth watching. I’ll keep on mentioning it here, but if you’re a YouTube member, you need to subscribe.