The Tattoo Copyright Controversy [Guest Column]

The Tattoo Copyright Controversy

This article is not intended as legal advice. It is intended for only general information purposes. This article does not create any attorney-client relationship.

When I first came out of the closet as a lawyer to the tattoo community, I was filled with apprehension.

Would I be called a poser?
Would I lose my counter-culture cachet?
Would I still be labelled “The Man” despite my extensive knowledge of Ramones lyrics?


About the Author
Marisa Kakoulas is a New York lawyer, writer, and muse of Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo, living in Liege, Belgium. She works undercover — or just covered up — as a corporate consultant: proof that tattoos and suits are not mutually exclusive. Her book “Tattoo Law”, an overview of US laws affecting the body modification community, is scheduled to hit the shelves in summer of 2004. IAM members can visit Marisa at iam:FREE.


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