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Private Portraits

BME was sent the following press release:
The German photographer Stefan Richter worked from 1983 until end of the 90s on the body arts, with two books (Tattoo, Quartet 1985; Hidden Exposures, De Vaar 1994). This brand-new, self-published work – a nostalgic visual feast – is a choice of his best images – most of which have never been seen before – heightened by biographies based on interviews. Portrayed are – in mostly nude photographs and in-depth texts – numerous deceased tattoo legends, including Alan Oversby, Karl Green, Isobel Varley, Rusty, Michael Kickham O’Farrell, Rocky, Tattoo Theo, Samy, Herbert Hoffmann, Karlmann Richter and many more. This sumptuous new volume illustrates a time gone by, when the body arts were still shrouded in veils. A lovingly crafted high-end book: a true collector’s item with an unforgettable ambience.
Large Format 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 in)
Digital Printing (Please note: Digital printing is more expensive than ‘normal’ offset printing)
Drum Scan Origination (Heidelberg Tango)
Dust Jacket on Hardcover (100% rayon with tissue backing, which increases durability)
Premium Matte Photo Paper 148g/m² (100 lb.)
Weight of the book ca. 1.5 kg
148 Pages
71 full colour Photographs
Extensive Biographies (all text in English)
This sophisticated art book is only (!) available at the BLURB bookstore and not via Amazon or any bookshop. Please note: the European version and the American version of this book are absolutely identical in every aspect, but shipped either from the Netherlands or the US. To save shipping costs, order your copy from the source nearest to you (see below) !
United Kingdom:
United States:
Canada (English):
Canada (Francais):
By the way, the BLURB-bookstore PREVIEW only shows 29 images (out of a total of 71). There are 42 more absolutely extraordinary visual surprises in this book !
Have a look (public visibility) at this promotional Facebook-Page:

Casting Call

BME received a casting call, if you’re interested, information and contact info is below:

MTV Networks and the award-winning producers and journalists at Barcroft Productions are now casting for a new, documentary series. This fascinating series will explore the lives of unique families across America.

We are very interested in speaking to outgoing and opinionated families from the body modification/suspension community, who can accurately represent what it means to be a part of this community and can help to dispel any misconceptions about the lifestyle. We would love to talk to anyone who believes they have a story to tell.

If this sounds like you and your family’s life, we want to hear from you!

Please email us ASAP at: MTVDocumentary2016@gmail.com

Make sure to include your name, location, contact information, photo and a brief paragraph about you, your family and share details about your lifestyle.



My name is Andre Ferezini and I am a film director from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I am writing to let you know that my new work, a documentary about influential and respected tattoo artist “Jun Matsui” is finally online, for free, with subtitles available in English and Japanese. You can watch it on the website below:


The film had screenings in London, Sao Paulo, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, and was very well received. I believe it would be quite interesting to the BME community, since the narrative deals not only with tattoos but also with other things around it – work, lifestyle, etc.