Hey, Scar Wars got linked on MetaFilter today! Neat, right? I bet a highly intelligent and thoughtful discussion came about.

*** "GROSS. Gross, gross, gross. My skin is crawling."*** "WARNING: May be trigger material for people with SI problems. Maybe that warning should be on the front page."

*** "that's incredibly disgusting. i don't even know what to say about these people."

*** "Guys, go ahead and do all the fucked up shit that you want. But girls. You beautiful, lovely girls of the world. PLEEEAAASSE stop it! That pretty little girl with the big bonsai tree cut into her (on the left). WTF!?!? Don't do that!! You have not been made prettier!"

*** "Those people are so remarkably ill. I wish we lived under a dictator who would kill people who do shit like that to themselves.

Seriously, kill yourself, cutters-- you're just going to do that eventually anyway when all your skin is gone and you can't get people to gawk anymore."

Oh … right. I

Kill yourselves, cutters! Love, Metafilter.

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13 thoughts on “MetaWars.

  1. dam this is very sick why would you do that??? yeah its beutifal shut the fuck up man your psyco in your head go to the doctor and geth a look on your self ….ps sorry for my bad engelish im from holand and 14 year i know better then those guys and girls who do this so stop please forbid it 1 thing you cant have weed but you can scar your self thats verry wierd think about it

  2. that’s fucking hilarious

    “You can’t have weed, but you can scar yourself – that’s very weird. Think about it”.

    I mean seriously.

    Now I wish I lived in a society where both marijuana and scarification were highly acceptable and not looked down upon with ignorance and hatred.

  3. Close minded people like that is one of the reasons i use to get into so many fights at school!, Get over it, just cause you dont like it, doesn’t mean that is wrong!

  4. It’s great to know we live in such a supportive and accepting society…

    Red Necks are so much fun

  5. i think this is fucking retatred…..why anybody would do this is beyond me……just coes to prove my theory that people are fucked

  6. Some people these days just drive me insane. Its our bodies we will do with them as we see fit. its not gross or disturbing, its art just like painting or music. If you don’t like it, don’t get involved with it. Its that simple. I have seen a lot of beautiful pieces of art weather its piercing, tattoos, scars on girls bodies, and guys bodies for that matter. If you do have a problem with it the solution is pretty simple. Take ur closed minded hate and lack of understanding, and go piss up a rope. Its people that oppose what they don’t understand that cause most of the problems in this world, and it upsets me.

  7. i find them beautiful and just another form of self expression,our right.i feel very sorry for thouse who do not understand this,they’ll spend the rest of their lives terrified and disgusted by something they can’t even comprehend.while thouse of us that do will simply admire these things and move on.if you dont like it then don’t pay attention to it.

  8. May i just say that I find it abhorent that people feel the need to comment on things they don’t understand. As has been said before if you dont like it….don’t look. I have nothing but respect for those that wish to modify themselves however that may be done.

  9. i think it’d wicked that ppl can find new ways of body mod. Mutilation or mod , if done tastefuly it’s just another form of art. Go cutters XD

  10. Yeah, well the church is known for doing even more violent things to -other people-, and the church is very widely accepted. So…

    At least scarification involves, like… consenting individuals. I don’t see why the pursuit of happiness is so hard for people to accept. :/

  11. Old thread but I am compelled to comment:
    I just happen to know “that pretty little girl with the big bonsai tree cut into her” (it is bamboo not bonsai). I must admit that the process initially shocked me and even turned my stomach a bit. HOWEVER the finished work, a few years down the road, is in fact spectacularly beautiful art that is an integral part of one of the more unique intelligent powerful WOMEN on the planet. Thank the cosmos that she is doing her part to save the world from all those ‘Stepford’ pretty little girls!

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