Maybe this will actually stump you….Guess What??

Let’s take it back a little bit to an old classic…See who’s still around, and who’s kept that keen eye sharp!




Get it right?  If not, well, there’s always next time…

What we have here is a fresh tongue split performed by traveling Body Modification practitioner Chase Campbell (Instagram: Zentriratna), done on a heavily tattooed and stained tongue.

Want more?  Check back next week.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for new Modblog posts from a brand new writing staff for 2015!

Let’s Help Out Our Buds!

So here is the scoop! We have three of our OG BME folks, Sean Philips, Rianne Philips and Jareb Foosh along with two others have entered into a 12 week long weight loss challenge.

Here at BME we love to see modified folks succeed and being that losing weight is potentially one of the most noticeable and physically demanding modifications you can make…lets help them out!


Also, they may be on fire.

Their very first mini-chalenge is to get the most votes on their picture, team name and biography. Please help them out by voting! The voting system uses your Facebook account to verify who you are and make sure you aren’t voting more than once. Their team name is “Unrepentant Thinners” and you can vote for them by following this link.

Scalp-Crown Demon Ridges

While the vast majority of people choose the classic “horn” style forehead implant first made popular by The Enigma, there are an infinite number of ways horns and ridges can be applied to the skull. Some are very natural, some are aesthetically challenging, some are aggressive and hostile, others are alien and serene. I am definitely partial to this nice high set of ridges, a pair of triple half-beads, that Moscow body artist and implant maker Max Yampolskiy (FB/max.yampolskiy) created for his first “demon” client, photographed here at 23 days. They almost remind me of Swirly Wanx Sinatra’s ridges, but pushed much further up on the forehead, which gives them an appearance that works perfectly with the shape of the client’s face. They really look remarkably natural, as if he was born with them, which I think is a sign of aesthetic success.


In this second photo you can get a clearer view of the exact shape they’ve used.


They grow up so fast

About six years ago Shannon shared with you the story of Nadia, IAM: Spirytus’ daughter who, at the time, was six years old.  What was special at the time was that Nadia had just tattooed her dad.

Well, Nadia is 12 now, and she’s still at it.  She even has a small group of clients who are lined up for more work from her.  Her most recent piece was also on her father, which you can see below.

Now six years ago, when the story was first posted.  It was reblogged on a Christian parenting blog, which led to a pretty heated argument between members of their community and ours.  Keep in mind that her father is a tattoo artist, oversees all of her work, and it is all done in a studio.  Specifically Never Say Die in London, England.

It looks like she’s finally grown into those gloves.

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He’s Baaaack!

After the success of Samppa Von Cyborg’s 2011 US Tour the Von Cyborgs will be back again in 2012!

Samppa Von Cyborg is one of the world’s most famous practitioners of body modification and piercing. Samppa works extensively within the field of Body Modification and offers procedures of any size, ranging from basic piercings to very extreme modifications.

Seminars are also being offered in various locations across the USA. Seminars being offered are flesh stapling, tongue spltting, and transdermal theory. The transdermal seminar is being offered to both clients and body modification artists, while the tongue splitting and flesh staple class is reserved for professionals only.

Samppa Von Cyborg welcomes all clients regardless of the size of the work, their requirements, or their experience/knowledge of the body modification scene. Custom body modification work is being offered so if you have an idea, contact for a consultation, as more likely than not, the custom work a client has in mind will be possible.

For more information, appointments, and seminar information please contact [email protected]

Hey Sweden!

This is primarily addressed to our Swedish readers, but if you have friends in the Stockholm area, direct them to this post.

Anders Allinger is a name any reader of ModBlog should be familiar with.  His piercings and scarification pieces have been a staple on ModBlog for many years, and he’s a big BME supporter.  Now you might be asking yourself what this has to do with Stockholm, as Anders is currently working at Flesh Impressions in Australia.  Well, he’s actually packing up his family and moving to Sweden, and is looking for work.  So if you know of any shops in the Stockholm area that are looking for an experienced body modification and scarification artist send Anders an e-mail.  And be sure to check out his piercing and scarification galleries.

Another mind-boggingly awesome mod for the day…

In keeping with the theme from my last post, “mods that stir up a genuine  sense of awesomeness for me”, I present to you Mason’s (who you may remember from this Modblog gem from the past ) deep chest “piercings”. I say piercing in quotes, because while these are opening in the skin filled with a piece of jewelry, the procedure to get them there (and healed) was FAR from a piercing.

When I first saw this picture on Tumblr, I shot Mason a message I wanted 2 things: a) a better photo of this mod and maybe some additional photos. b) his permission to post this on modblog. That little bastard never responded to me and I realized 2 things: a) this mod is so AWESOME that if all we can get is a homoerotic myspace mirror shot, then that’s what we will post! b) This is Mason, am I really waiting on permission from him?


Since I never got the full 411 from Mason, I am basing the following information on what he told me a long time ago, and my own theories so if anyone involved with this project wants to jump in and correct me, please do so.

These “piercings” started as subdermal implants done by none other than Brian Decker (if memory serves me correct).  After the subdermals were allowed sufficient time to heal, they were removed which left behind a healed fistula. Then the entry and exit points for the new “piercing” were opened by Howie and teflon jewelry was inserted.  (Thanks to Tony for correcting me on the implant to piercings steps). This left behind a piercing that would be nearly impossible to heal using traditional manners and a mod that I have only actually seen one other time…and that was on Fakir Musafar!

Now, this is just plain rad.

I have to admit, after over a decade on this site I tend to take mods that other’s would consider amazing for granted. It’s rare that I see any mods that stir up a genuine  sense of awesomeness for me. This ear mod on Kira got that reaction from me.

This awesome ear  mod was done by Bruno, who was one of the first practitioners I knew of to use the cut and suture method for cartilage removal. For this piece he used a custom made dermal punch and custom jewelry. The plan is for her to wear the jewelry for a few years to truly define the shape and then hopefully she can not wear any jewelry and still have the cross removal be well defined. If it turns out as well as the inner conch removal Howie cut and sutured on me a few years back, she will have an awesome ear mod for sure!


For more pics of the custom punch, and whatnot you know the deal, keep on keeping on…..