Alternate ear pointing methods

Traditionally, body-modification artists have created pointed, elfin ears by folding and trimming the clients helix in such a way that it can be sutured together to form a defined point. The results produced using this technique are generally fairly impressive, but they are far from subtle, and the results rarely look natural.

About three weeks ago, Finnish-born and London-based artist Sampaa (IAM:madmax) carried out an ear-pointing procedure at the Kalima Studio on the south cost of England. Using a technique hes been working on in theory for over a year, he has managed to produce pointed ears that look as if the client was born with them. Very simply, the painstakingly slow and incredibly delicate procedure involves elevating the thin skin of the conch, trimming the exposed cartilage using surgical scissors and a scalpel whilst leaving the helix intact, and then removing the excess skin before stitching the skin back together as neatly as possible.




Healing has been pretty problem free. Im going to be conducting a full and detailed interview with Sampaa over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos of the results.

Shannon adds: “Venezuelan artist Emilio Gonzalez has been doing a similar technique over the last year or two which produces quite similar results, although his procedure is a little different.”

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  1. im not sure that i like this method, its slightly less intrusive to the client but the results look a little like Sampa has chewed the excess off with his teeth.

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