Prison Break

FOX Network‘s PrisonBreak premieres tonight [Editor's note: my apologies to Rebekah for not posting this on time]. LincolnBurrows (played by DominicPurcell) is convicted of murder. MichaelScofield (played by WentworthMiller) is convinced of his brother’s innocence. Michael getshimself busted – but not before getting elaboratetattoos that hide the prison’s blueprints. According to the TorontoStar:

"Thetattoo takes about four to five hours to apply, if you've got twopeople working on it," said Miller. "It's a series of decals that fittogether like puzzles. They're kind of more sophisticated versions ofwhat you might find in a Cracker Jack box.

"You lay it down, peel it off and then seal it with glue, paint in thefiller parts ... it's apparently the most complicated imitation tattooever created, done by the art house that did all the special effectsfor Passion of the Christ.

"The tattoo will stay on for two to three weeks, if you don't scrub itoff with some solvents. Fortunately, we'll only be featuring it, Ihope, once an episode in its entirety, and the bits and pieces as we goalong, when I'm just looking at my forearm for whatever piece I need tofigure out what my character's up to for that particular episode."

Prison Break is the creationof Paul Scheuring.So far, it seems like it’s gotpotential. That means that there’s a fair chance that it will gothe route of Brimstone,which was nicely written and which didn’t last nearly long enough.

Update: glowimperial writes, “I wanted to pass the word that the designer of the tattoo featured in the series ‘Prison Break’ was designed by tattoo artist Tom Berg, who tattoos at So Cal Tattoo in San Pedro, CA. Tom also designed the William Blake inspired dragon tattoo worn featured in the film Red Dragon.”

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12 thoughts on “Prison Break

  1. Wentworth Miller’s tattoo is very nice, i’ve never see such a nice tattoo.i like his tattoo, if my parents allow me to do tattoo i think i will do exactly the same like Wentworth Miller’s tattoo :)

  2. nice tattoo, grat serie :P!
    someone can tell me, where i can see that tattoos but closer in pictures or something plz :P???

  3. Although they are not true tattoos, in the sense of it being painted on, I don’t find it particularly noble that you’d be so eager to take the creator’s work for your own. ‘Copying’ seems to be frowned upon here, it shows lack of creativity and thought for your own.

  4. Hello!
    Send me for my e-mail project tatoo Michael’s Scofield – Wentworth Miller.Thanx

  5. hi, in the 3rd series episode 2 i think, theres a black dude with a red dragon tattoo design going over his shoulder. can you email a picture of it if possible.

  6. That has to be one of the nicest body pieces i have ever seen. Tattooing has certainly left the back street bikers and criminals it was once reputed for, and become totally mainstream. They have become a fashion item. With shows like this one, LA ink, Miami ink and now London ink. Tattooing is getting the respect it deserves. It is a fantastic way of expresing things in an art form. I have several tattoo’s including a full sleeve. i have always been looking for an ispirational back piece and i think i have now completed that search. I do not wish to copy the art, but the whole devil killing and angel is a nice way of expressing my life story. i hve made alot of wrong turns and mistakes. So the little devil on my shoulder always kills the angel on the other. The guy that did the design for the tatto says quote ” it would take around 200 hrs and roughly $15-20,000 for that amount of work. And a few yeaers to complete. But i say it is worth every bit of that price. Well done to the designer, and goo dluck to anyone who is getting some ink done. Just remember a tattoo is for life not just for Christmas. Think hard before you comit to anything really big. It is hard to remove and expensive to cover! Happy tattooing all
    p.s a link to some recent ink i got. nothing massive but i will be getting the back piece started in a few months.

  7. That show upset me so bad in the second season! Then in the 3rd he gets all of his tattoos removed like it is just as easy as pie. The fist season was on the path to become one of my favorite shows of all time! Cool tattoos that artist is pretty good the style reminds me a little bit of Paul Booth-

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