More Tattoo Miscellany

I really don’t feel like figuring out a full update, so here’s a funny tattoo. Well, funny if you know who Barbapapa are… This is a work in progress by Selfmade on heavily modified performance/suspension artist Paindreamer in Sweden. I’m not going to tell you it’s the greatest quality linework, but the idea of doing a twisted Barbapapa family really cracks me up.

If that didn’t strike your fancy, here’s some candy and ice cream on Betsey J by Joe Spino at Chrome Lotus in Orlando, Florida. Everyone likes candy, right?

While I’m mentioning tattoos that I like, here’s a frog growing up by Joy Rumore who works at Pure Body Arts in NYC (which we’ve mentioned here before). Hopefully it heals well — tattoos on the sides of feet are definitely not easy to get ink to stay solid in.

Anyway, I’m off to the beach.

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