Keep your laws OFF my body!

JudgeLauri Blake (R) of the US 336th District Court in Grayson County, Texas

Judge Lauri Blake

ruledthis week that the penalty for a teenaged drugoffender, on top of the requisite probation, is no sex as long as she(the offender, not the judge) is living in her parents’ home and goingto school.  (State law allows judges to assign conditions theybelieve are fair and appropriate.  Theage of sexual consent inTexas is 17 for both males and females, for heterosexual sexonly.)  While I’m sure it’s not in the judge’s plans, I’d considerthat incentive to quit school and move in with my boyfriend if I werestill a teenager.  (I’m not saying that that’s right; I’m speakingfrom the brain of a former teenager.)

What does this have to do with Modblog,you may ask?  This same Judge Blake also prohibits tattoos, bodypiercings, earrings and clothing “associated with the drug culture” forthose who are on probation and free on bond.  (In Texas, anartist may not tattoo a person younger than 18 years of age withoutmeeting the requirements of 25 Texas Administrative Code,§229.406(c), nor may an artist perform body piercing on a personyounger than 18 years of age ithout meeting the requirements of 25Texas Administrative Code, §229.406(d), without the consent of aparent, managing conservator, or guardian.)

Are tattoos a right, or a privilege?  If they are a privilege,whohas the right to decide?  Doesa judge have this right?  With body modification more prevalent intoday’s newsthan even last year’s news, appellate courts may indeed decide whetherit’s an assignment of conditions following the breaking of the law, oran imposition of their personal morals upon us.

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