Another Episode of “The Case Of the Tattoo Ripoff”

The original (left) was done by Brett Osborne of PURE Body Modifications, LLC. The rip-off, as shown in a tattoo magazine in the PURE lobby, was done by Erik Diaz at Asylum Studios in the Bronx.

MODBLOG has done stories about stolen artwork before, and almost always, the same question keeps coming up: If you’re going to steal someone’s design, aren’t you ashamed to post a version that’s not even close to as good as the original?

Other Modblog articles about stolen tattoos:

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One thought on “Another Episode of “The Case Of the Tattoo Ripoff”

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    Posted on 11-11-2005 12:23:46 by Me
    So not only did he copy this tattoo but he’s also done realistic angel wings and is “cool” enough to do blacklight/uv tattoos


    Posted on 05-11-2006 03:08:33 by mandi
    hmm, what makes a tattoo plagerized? just if someone uses it in a competition or adversizement? or is it always not ok?

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