Little heart scars

So, if you have surface piercings on your forearms, and, like many surface piercings, they reject and leave you with scars that you’re no fan of, what do you do? They say fight fire with fire, so why not fight scars with scars? After all, tattoo cover-ups almost always turn out better than attempts at removal. Anyway, Ariel had a few piercing scars she didn’t like, so she had Brian at PURE/NYC convert them into hearts via skin removal. Click to zoom in.

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    Posted on 11-17-2005 23:48:33 by Jets
    Aaw, I saw her on LiveJournal

    I like

    Posted on 12-15-2005 04:12:11 by ariel
    just for the record, they didn’t reject! I had what we’ve determined was an allergic reaction to the steel.

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