5 thoughts on “A Young Wizard’s Tattoo

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    Posted on 01-22-2006 20:38:43 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    Oh my god, Im in love.

    Posted on 01-22-2006 20:45:50 by Jets
    I thought the same thing!

    Posted on 01-23-2006 00:40:57 by Leeanne
    Be still my beating heart!! I want to lick him.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 02:56:07 by Rockerbaby
    Wow, that is insane, arg I’m with Leeanne on this, *licks* X) I wonder if he has an iam account.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:57:18 by ANTI-LOR
    You silly chicks get all wet from seeing the side of some weakling, with a pretty cheesy tattoo…i know its LOR, but really that sucked…..

  2. Thats such a beautiful tattoo, I love Grey scale. Not a huge harry potter fan but, nice boy, nice tat…

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