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We’ve covered RFID implants on BME in the past, but it seems like more and more DIY implants and active projects are going on these days. Here’s a photo of Rob at MetaFlesh in Brighton, England putting one in via injection (as well as the autoclaved implant, and the electronics being used to control home access using it).

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    Posted on 01-22-2006 19:43:17 by Steve
    I’m curious how you charge these up ? it has to be too small to charge on kinetics ?

    Posted on 01-23-2006 04:10:50 by me
    Rob’s at Punktured now..also in Brighton..

    Posted on 01-23-2006 06:10:00 by leslie
    You don’t have to charge the tags; the way the work is basically like this: the RFID reader (the part that’s attached to the door) continually emits radio waves. The tag (the part that’s in your hand) absorbs the energy of these waves, then re-emits this energy in a specific pattern that encodes the tag’s unique serial number. When the reader picks up this signal, it knws the serial number of the nearby tag. This absorbing and reemitting is all done with passive components that don’t require an external power source.

    (I implanted a tag into my hand in December, but haven’t submitted pictures yet because my door-opening mechanism still has a few bugs. Also I don’t have an IAM account.)

    Posted on 01-23-2006 12:23:56 by cellfire
    i’m seriously considering putting one of these in my hand. i’ve done a lot of reading and research, but don’t know if I can do what it takes to make everything work…ie setting up the RFID readers and such. I’m pretty damn geeky, but this seems a little over my head, but I still want to do it. If anyone has any info and would like to help me 🙂 shoot me an IM or email.. cellfire AT gmail DOT com

    Posted on 01-24-2006 23:09:29 by dilbert
    That would be nifty for your car, keys suck.

    Posted on 01-24-2006 23:32:28 by brian
    good now but not in the future when everyone has them and people will figure out how to cheat them

    Posted on 01-26-2006 08:46:55 by dilbert
    It’s the same with regular keys now, except you couldn’t lose this unless you had a VERY bad accident or cut it off on purpose.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 15:20:28 by nickythegreek
    I have one of these in my hand as well. I made a working RFID Lockbox for an art project. It is currently in possion of zpira as he tours around. Had some malfunctions with the box atm. But the implant is doing fine.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 15:24:26 by nickythegreek
    Is there contact info available for Rob? From what I understood, these tags could not be autoclaved.
    email: [email protected]

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:54:44 by Ya right8
    wow…never even heard about this before…funny how it seems that everyone and their dog has got one of these things…

    Posted on 02-07-2006 17:39:52 by normal
    Hi, If anyone has any questions about this topic please feel free to contact me on iam:normal as these picture’s are of my implant and door lock.

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