Intense Facial Work

While I’d say that the facial modifications in the previous entry are bold, I’d argue that for plainskins that aren’t fundamentally bigots that it’s still fundamentally attractive on a conventional level. Magneto, a customer of mod artist Oscar Navarro‘s at VOID in Barcelona, Spain, is definitely pushing that border a lot harder and a lot more unconventionally — those implanted eyebrow ridges are intense, to say nothing of the tattoo work he’s having done!

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5 thoughts on “Intense Facial Work

  1. o yes nice to see a nother realy good face tattoo an nother realy good trible face tattoo all so whare do people like this worke as most places of worke like mine would not let you have a face tatt wich i think is rong becaus people wonting face tattoos are still the same exsep thay are more happy with the way that thay look and last bit could people stop saying that thay will regrtit becaus thay nwill non so stop writing that coment in from bob fox and thanks to people for reading my coment

  2. **I love it! It is daring! Takes guts! Bravo! I especially love how he has his eyes lined. Lining your eyes really does bring them out! Brings a real focus to them, it is sad that it is ususually women who get to use eyeliner? It seems that more guys get their faces tattooed, I wonder if guys were allowed to wear make-up, not in a gay or weird fashion, but in a manly fashion, would we see less men going for facial tattoos? And the number of men and women getting facial tattoos equal out? Just a thought? I know quite early on in life I was quite envious of girls getting to wear make-up, and us guys NADA!! BTW, I am a 6′ Tall, 200lb+, Very Pretty Gothic Mime Lolita Girl TS, and damn proud of it! LOL!

  3. ** ** I LOVE this facial work! Really does take a lot of guts and nerve. I was admiring the work, and about to leave a comment when I looked down and realized that I had left a comment on this guy about a year ago! I still have to say that I am very impressed how he lined his eyes. That is very interesting and very cool, especially since it is tattooed on! I wonder how his face is coming along? I wear eyeliner all the time because I’m a girl! Well, a TS working on being a girl. I’m 6′ tall, 6’5″ in heels, hehe. I would love to get a full face tattoo also! Although, I am having a hell of a time just transitioning to a female. Work basically hates me, and will not allow me to come to work dressed as I wish. Almost = to me asking to have a facial tattoo. I think his face is awesome though, and I love how the tattoos look on his skin. Spectacular!

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