Please, don’t bring back prohibition!

I definitely don’t have a problem with straight edge tattoos in general, but I have to admit that the message of Keith’s “bring back prohibition” tattoo (by Alex Franklin at Brooklyn Ink in NYC) kind of rubs me the wrong way.

I’m all for people taking control over their own lives and choosing this path if it feels right to them, but I think it’s a mistake when you actually call for this lifestyle to be imposed on other people by force of law — I’m not comfortable with a government telling me what I can and can not do to my body.

7 thoughts on “Please, don’t bring back prohibition!

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    Posted on 03-21-2006 19:43:58 by johnny
    I personally think the “straight edge” lifestyle is a rather lame movement or “community” (not to mention the fact that it was never advocated in any Minor Threat songs, contrary to what 15 year olds will try to tell you) but I have to say I like this tattoo simply because it’s not the typical xXx straight edge tattoo that continually gets posted.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 02:01:24 by tokey mctokerson
    if alcohol is banned, i will become a criminal. ooh, wait i’m already a criminal because pot is banned 🙂

    Posted on 03-22-2006 04:44:04 by smokey mcalcoholic
    To me, it seems a bit closed-minded. A bit one way to see… but yes. I would be a criminal… oh wait. I’m already a criminal since i’m a pot smoking underage alcoholic. Boy do I love America.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 11:42:08 by glider
    I’m 100% behind people choosing straightedge for themselves and do NOT think it is lame at all… I just don’t like the idea of forcing it on people.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 13:46:27 by perk900
    i think its lame when people get straight edge tattoos like this.

    then again i hate the way most straight edge kids think.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 14:25:44 by spyderwolf
    if your a consenting adult you should be able to do anything to your body as long as its not hurting anyone else, be it drugs (but that usually hurts someone through trafficking)drinking or bodymods and the fact that theres people out there that think they have a right to force there beliefs on everone eles is just wrong…

    Posted on 03-22-2006 15:29:50 by c0rrosion
    fuck that noise.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 15:52:03 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    its people like this that give people like me a bad name

    Posted on 03-22-2006 17:13:45 by Ya you fool
    i cant stand the fact that these “straight edge” kids feel the need to tattoo the words on they really need the riminder that they are “straight edge”

    Posted on 03-22-2006 18:00:52 by Garth
    Prohibition is still in effect. Does the ‘War on Drugs’ sound familier?

    Posted on 03-22-2006 18:18:44 by Wehr
    I have a couple straight-edge friends, some of them are the greatest and most charastmatic people you could meet.

    Like “the_logic_of_crocodiles” (good tune by the way) its certain people that ruin it for all of them.

    I am all for self expression and being who you want to be but forcing these beliefs is just plain wrong.

    Posted on 03-22-2006 18:36:06 by glider
    “Ya you fool”, there’s nothing wrong with tattooing the things you believe in on yourself… Why shouldn’t people tattoo things with personal meaning?

    Posted on 03-22-2006 20:08:24 by penski
    Why should you always take two straight edge kids fishing with you?

    If you take one, he’ll drink all the beer.

    I strongly believe in an individuals’ right to express him or herself however he or she (Judean People’s Front? Fuck off!) wishes…but the moment that their self-expression or self-belief becomes an imposition on others then they should be treated in a manner which would leave them shaking like Gary Glitter in PC World.


    Posted on 03-23-2006 00:51:25 by perk900
    i’m a person just like you, but this kind of militant straight edge stance makes me uncomfortable, too…

    i agree with theif lifestyle of choice, but not some of the ideas that they’re backing up…

    Posted on 03-23-2006 18:45:57 by fre_k
    “Judean People’s Front? Fuck off!”

    Finally! A Monty Python quote on Modblog, this is a happy day.

    Posted on 03-24-2006 05:55:54 by penski
    You knows it.


    Posted on 03-25-2006 11:00:21 by JAREDX bbp

    Px maybe if we did bring back prohibition that dude shannons wife wouldn’t have had a retarded child. aside from that the group xbbpx actualy does good shit like raising money for families who lost fathers and madd

    Posted on 03-25-2006 11:08:42 by xbbpx

    Posted on 03-26-2006 00:14:32 by chad xxx
    Hey shannon, get the fuck over it, noone cares whether or not it rubs you in the wrong way or not you stupid slut.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 13:50:25 by keithXXX
    its my tattoo 🙂 bbp and its my own beliefs i dont see why not to get it tattooed on me.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 18:58:46 by fuckxxx
    hey chadxxx why don’t you get the fuck over it and get off shannons page

    Posted on 03-27-2006 13:03:28 by Katie0
    You know whats funny?
    The karma thats gonna slap jared and chad in their mouths. Now THATS comedy friends! I don’t care if you drink beer or do heroine. You start trying to cause harm to other people and karma will find you. So don’t worry.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 17:15:12 by Corey123
    is that real? lol

    Posted on 03-28-2006 17:53:21 by 999999
    Everyone is allowed to their opinion. People also needs to get over being so weird about the tattoo. If you believe in something strongly enough, you wouldn’t be uncomfortable when someone poses an opposite view.

    And that whole slut comment someone left….REALLY uneducated and ignorant. Please don’t give edge kids a bad name, because it’s comments and replies like that, that just make you look like an idiot. Don’t be so annoyed, just believe in what you believe in and be comfortable with that.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 23:12:46 by kuroneko711
    I do believe people should be allowed their own opinion, but calling Shannon a stupid slut, the reason you even have this site to look at in the first place, does not set well with me at all. Grow the fuck up, and show some respect.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 23:12:59 by DaveXDefiant
    Right, so pretty much you suck. Alcohal ruined America in the 20 and helped cause the great depression. Once Prohobition was enforced and people were unable to spend their money on booze things picked up. it took a while but face it thats whats up.

    While BBP may never make it in this wasted world We will still fight. Just like tonight at work i called the cops on a drunk driver, the cop said he wasnt “drunk enough” to do anything and let that cock drive outta there. So we all know that the US or any other country. People are to dependant on the alcohol industry. Population has shot through the room in great means with the help of “beer dick” and other “shit faced” parties in where or shorlty after people are getting date rape, or just to out of their mind to use protection, or their moral fiber is gone out the window and dont care what they do. Alcohol is a drain on the society in the same way drugs are. but people are making to much money off it to care.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 03:11:31 by Cage
    Looks like whoever typed that last statement was either a grade-school dropout or drunk.

    Posted on 04-28-2006 23:42:04 by no one
    this tattoo is stupid. why waste money on something that no one cares bout..theres u “straight edge” people..that honestly cant have fun. u waste ur money on dumb crap. yeah u can express ur self but like wat if one day u decided u dont wnt to be “straight edge” UR SCREWED then..u should def think about stuff before u do dumb things like this…

  2. More power to him for getting the tattoo. Although I am Edge, I support a relaxation and rationalisation of drug laws. I understand the disgust and rage expressed by groups like BBP, but I don’t really think that prohibition is a workable option. However, people found driving under the influence of any drugs, including alcohol should lose their licence at the least, and parents who drink while in guardianship of children etc etc don’t fucking deserve kids…

    Shannon’s comments here, although pretty ill-informed…well, at least he isn’t returning to the gibberish posted in his infamous article on Edge.

    And, oh, yeah, all those who have a problem with Straight Edge and feel the need to say it…you keyboard warriors should go outside. If you’re going to insult someone who’s never done a thing to you, you should at least have the balls to do it to their face!

  3. I believe people have a right to choose and carry out their actions within the law. But do not put down Straight Edge due to some of the people within the community. Just like any belief people become militant and fanatic, usually leading to that minority getting a bad name.

    XBBPX is a good cause, they raise money and bring awareness to the ills of drug and alchohol abuse. All XBBPX aim for is a better society.


  4. the guy who left the first comment is a fucking dumbass minor threat advocated the movement in more than just the song actually called straight edge they were all about the straight edge movement its the life they lived and it was evident in their music

  5. isn’t it closed minded to only think about smoking weed and drinking? be open minded and accept the possibility of prohibition, you fucking 15 year old burnout. lame as fuck. bring back prohibition and run down drug dealers with chainsaws. =D

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