“Occasionally Deeply Disturbing”

I saw a funny review somewhere that classed this blog as really interesting, with occasional periods of being deeply disturbing. Well, I figure playing the “now you see it, now you don’t” game with someone’s toes helps meet that quota. But he just wanted to get them all the same length — is that so bad?

3 thoughts on ““Occasionally Deeply Disturbing”

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    Posted on 03-25-2006 02:22:25 by outmywindow
    And so s/he chooses to leave the toe with the grody fungal toenail?

    Also, does this make anyone think of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches?” 🙂

    Posted on 03-25-2006 02:45:47 by jessah
    I guess this is beyond me or something but, I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this to their pinky toe..

    Posted on 03-25-2006 04:33:21 by outmywindow
    ^^^ They did it to all the other toes as well (except for the big one).

    Posted on 03-25-2006 04:54:31 by deerheart
    ok, it’s no matter of little shoes then 😉
    but i like the idea, that people reshape certain parts of their body to their own aestehtics.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 05:42:43 by Rockerbaby
    outmywindow: He’s probably leaving the big toe for later because…well…it’s bigger and definately takes a lot more to go through with it than with the other toes.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 06:30:00 by 5am
    If he took off his big toe he wouldn’t be able to stand anymore.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 06:47:41 by penski
    5am – that’s dependant on the state and extent of the removal. Looking at the ‘new’ and existing removals, they seem to have been done down to the second joint. A similar aesthetic would be to remove the big toe to it’s first joint, certainly leaving enough for perambulatory actions.


    Posted on 03-25-2006 11:16:34 by hellonightmare
    I always twitch when I see something like this..but to each his own and I’m all for that!

    Posted on 03-25-2006 12:25:11 by Laurie
    My favorite part is the box of Band-aids.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 13:34:20 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    Like a band-aid is gonna help.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 13:55:22 by kt
    did he cut his toe off with a pair of scissors? is that even possible?

    Posted on 03-25-2006 16:28:26 by queen
    haha – kt, that comment made me laugh.

    i’m all for people doing whatever makes them happy – but i honestly would never want to cut off my own toes.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 17:17:50 by nana
    did he heal all of them one by one before cutting the other ones?

    i LOL’d at the box of waterproof band-aid.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 18:13:03 by j.
    that’s cool.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 18:49:16 by glider
    5am – that’s a myth.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 20:37:16 by fre_k
    I have the same pair of scissors.

    How long would he of had to tie off his toe for?

    Posted on 03-26-2006 07:56:21 by Poppie
    I don’t think he used the scissors. There is a scalpel behind his foot. and a syringe for anaesthetic?

    Posted on 03-26-2006 10:06:21 by lippi
    You know what weirded me out? His big toe’s toenail. Seriously. Ahhh!

    Posted on 03-26-2006 11:28:16 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    isnt that bad!? haha..

    the only thing that weirds us out is the fungus-y toenail.

    Not the chopping off of ones toes!!

    Posted on 03-28-2006 03:12:16 by NortonAnthology
    No, a family member of mine lost a big toe on one foot, and even though the other toes are totally fine, he has horrible balance. He wobbles a lot, and if you pushed him just a little, he’d fall. Toes make tiny little movements that help you balance, and the big toe, being the strongest one, is responsible for most of the balance.

  2. i think the scissors were used to start the cutting process… get through the layers of skin and such before reaching the bone.

    the band-aids are priceless though.

  3. If he’s happy that’s what matters.

    If I could find someone to surgically remove my pinkies and the part of the hand they are attached to ending st my wrist, I’d do it.

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