C’est tout ce que j’aime

Thanks to PereiraPiercer for sending me this tattoo by Paulo at Flame Tattoo in Sorocaba, Brasil (a city a bit inland from Sao Paulo). I’m assuming it’s a medical marijuana tattoo (I had no idea there was a medical marijuana movement in Brasil), but hell, even if it says that the passage of sweet mary jane from supplier to client is a sacred act and nothing more, I’m lovin’ it™.

“I’m lovin’ it” is a registered trademark of the McDonalds Corporation.

One thought on “C’est tout ce que j’aime

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    Posted on 03-29-2006 02:12:26 by jaelbait
    ouch. can they honestly trademark that phrase?

    Posted on 03-29-2006 02:34:00 by drugsarebadmmkay
    Apparently you know a lot about the subject matter. And in my opinion that is really, reaaaaaaally lame.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 06:11:29 by penski

    Hallucinogenics are even more fun.


    Posted on 03-29-2006 11:23:50 by WhiteTrash
    I know there are a fair bit of bud smokers that read these pages, so I wanted to through a question out there.

    Has anyone ever had any experience with those “legal buds” that are sold online and advertised via High Times and other magazines.

    I was considering ordering some from http://www.herbal-smoke-shop.com but the only real reviews I could find were from their own site so I wanted an “outsider” opinion.

    If anyone has tried them please let me know how they were, if they were anything like real marijuana, etc.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 11:24:26 by WhiteTrash
    uh, make that throw a question out there, not through….

    Posted on 03-29-2006 12:03:48 by LostSally000
    Marijuana is awesome man….Uhhhh…. Yeah look at me I smoke weed and I’m dumb…Hahaha! NOT! Even if it was for medical purposes I would’nt fucking do it man! Ever!!!! Ever!!!!! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 03-29-2006 12:54:49 by dark side
    To whitetrash,

    I’m pretty sure the “legal buds” are legal because they don’t have any THC in them. I guess you would get the taste but you wouldn’t get high.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 16:19:00 by LisaBoBisa
    I think the thing that a lot of people fail to realize is that marijuana can be very helpful for various mental and/or physical disorders. I’ve known a lot of people that take a lot of pills that have side effects that are worse than the symptoms they were prescribed for. Marijuana could be a safe, natural alternative in a society where there is a pill for everything. I personally would rather know what exactly I’m putting into my body than have a doctor give me some chemical that the FDA says is probably safe. Then again, I’m a hippie. Also, that tattoo is neat. 🙂

    Posted on 03-29-2006 16:30:46 by *M*
    Even when i dont like the tatto at all
    Marihuana is healty.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 16:57:23 by penski
    For clarity’s sake pertaining to my above comment:

    – I smoked regularly throughout my early/mid teens.
    – I took everything I could to experience it (Damn you, Huxley!) until the age of 16.
    – I stopped drinking and doing drugs for two years to see what it was

    …Now I have the alcohol tolerance of a four year old and literally slur my speech after a pint or two (proper stuff – 8%) but can still drink tequila with no effect. Odd. :/

    So took drugs, stopped, have nothing against them but just can’t be arsed any more.


    Posted on 03-29-2006 19:12:35 by J
    some “legal buds” are just tobacco or salvia products, chopped up to look like pot.

    Posted on 03-29-2006 19:39:40 by fre_k
    Maybe the legal stuff needs people to just believe that it works, the placebo effect. People will still feel high or whatever..

    Posted on 03-31-2006 15:44:13 by sara
    to LisaBoBisa:
    you don’t know what you are putting into your body when you smoke weed any more than you would know when you are taking a pill. you could pretty easily find out all the ‘ingredients’ of a pill, but unless you grow your own weed, you wouldn’t know what is in the weed you are smoking (for instance, pesticides, manure, fertilizers, plus lots of little bugs and other living creatures that have hitched a ride).

    Posted on 03-31-2006 16:45:07 by LisaBoBisa
    The point that I was trying to make, and I probably phrased it poorly, was that people have been ingesting TCH for a long time, we know what the side effects are, and the risks, and all that. They come out with these new prescriptions, and 5 or 10 years down the road people start having heart attacks and they find out it’s because of something the FDA thought was perfectly harmless. I do agree about gowing your own though. 🙂

    Posted on 04-01-2006 22:13:40 by .
    yea.. that was a huge … “COME ALL SXE KIDS & BITCH” sign.

    Posted on 04-01-2006 23:37:27 by LovesHerHubby
    No grower taking the immense legal risks that marijuana cultivation in the US entails would ever take the risk of delivering product that was contaminated by pests or pesticides. Without rigid control over the environment of the plants, the selling price of the end product wouldn’t be worth it.

    This is even more true for growers in the “green states” (California, Oregon, and others with medical-marijuana laws) who supply the medical market. It is direly important, especially in growing medicine for immunocompromised patients, to keep the cannabis free of any contaminants whatsoever that could pose extra risk to the user.

    I seriously, strongly hope LostSally and her 47 exclamation points never, ever get cancer. My husband was down to 128 lbs. at the start of his chemo; he looked like a Dachau victim. The bud (the illegal, useful kind, not the “legal buds” crap) saved his life by allowing him to keep food down once in a while. LostSally is free to think my husband is lYkE s0o0o0 eBiL for using pot during that time. Okay! That’s fine, because you know what else he is? He’s alive. And I like him that way.

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