ARM TV Tattoo!

As you may know if you read my personal blog, my brother is among other things currently ranked number three in the world in the unlimited class of arm wrestlers (assuming I understand the rankings). Because of that I’ve gotten to know Gary from ARM TV (if you go there you can watch the DEVON LARRATT VS. RON BATH match in streaming video) a little…

Arm wrestling is kind of like body modification (and it involves some serious body modification!) in that it’s a massive subculture that’s spent most of its history invisible to the outside world, but is now exploding in popularity. Anyway, check out these tattoos that a couple fans of the site got:

Oh, and sorry for not posting yesterday (and I might not tomorrow either) — I was in surgery!

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One thought on “ARM TV Tattoo!

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    Posted on 03-30-2006 23:16:45 by Catsi
    OMG your brother is HOT! I’d love to see some tattoo work on those arms though…

    Posted on 03-31-2006 03:23:18 by devo
    shannon you might want to check out this article;_ylt=Avk0Rmutjb3AWK_s3lJhDbys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3NW1oMDRpBHNlYwM3NTc-

    Posted on 03-31-2006 04:55:02 by mpatshi
    I didn’t even know you could arm wrestle in competition:p…so I learn every day, thanks bme:p

    Posted on 03-31-2006 15:11:51 by beirona
    Is it just me or does this one rank pretty high on “The tattoo I should have thought twice about getting”-scale ??

    Posted on 04-03-2006 18:08:22 by 11.
    higher than little tribal dragons?

    Posted on 04-03-2006 18:28:14 by impatient
    we need a modblog update! your audience eagerly awaits!

    Posted on 04-03-2006 20:45:51 by impatient 2.
    I understand your impatience, but don’t hassle Shannon. He knows we love Modblog and if he hasn’t updated recently he probably has a lot on.

    Posted on 04-03-2006 22:29:56 by E-Money
    “Is it just me or does this one rank pretty high on “The tattoo I should have thought twice about getting”-scale ??”

    I don’t understand why getting a tattoo of something that you are passionate about is a bad idea.

    Posted on 04-03-2006 23:11:48 by fre_k
    I agree with E-money, If they feel that passionate about something let them do it.

    Posted on 04-04-2006 06:32:10 by impatient
    sorry, no offense on my last comment. i was just impatient, and damnit! modblog rules. i’m sure you all can understand :)

    Posted on 05-02-2006 18:01:02 by ARMTV
    Hello Shannon,

    thanks for posting the picture. It was an honour to meet you and find out about bmezine.

    I run the website that the tatoos of the above picture represent and I let my members know that I would offer a life time membership to the first 3 people who showed me a tattoo of our site and these guys were the first!! :)

    I didn’t realize what body modification was until I met shannon…so I TOO have learned something!!

    thanks again.

    ARM TV

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