6 thoughts on “Now THAT’S a transscrotal!

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    Posted on 04-05-2006 18:57:22 by outmywindow
    Wow, that’s intense!

    Surprisingly, I find myself kind of turned on by it too…

    Posted on 04-05-2006 19:22:34 by heliophobe
    you’d need special pants to fit that

    Posted on 04-05-2006 19:35:42 by .

    Posted on 04-05-2006 20:06:59 by S
    Haha! That’d make a handy stash tin!

    Posted on 04-05-2006 20:11:42 by fing
    It doesn’t shrink after time of taking it out to um…i dunno, walk or say sit down? I’m impressed. Haha, my verificaiton was 1+1. I hate to say it but its the first one i didn’t use my fingers for (out of habit i swear!).

    Posted on 04-05-2006 20:14:20 by .
    Yay Tony! Yeah, he’s done a lot of great transscrotal work, but wow that one’s HUGE

    Posted on 04-05-2006 20:34:37 by bootsy
    Now hang on just a minute. This has serious potential. I’m absolutely certain he could flip it up over his penis and penetrate someone else through his own scrotum. He might want to be careful not to squish too hard, but still that’s pretty damned hot.

    Speaking of which, though, where IS that man’s penis?

    Posted on 04-05-2006 21:58:41 by misplaced_ice

    Wow. Much admiration

    Posted on 04-05-2006 22:56:00 by PaleCheekedAngel
    Bootsy poses an intriguing question… It looks like his penis is MIA, or at least camera shy!

    Posted on 04-05-2006 23:12:27 by astrosnik
    Where does he keep it? o_O I’d think that jar would get pretty heavy too, unless it’s plastic.

    Posted on 04-06-2006 01:13:31 by c0rrosion
    just… what?

    Posted on 04-06-2006 03:06:37 by dream3r
    oh wow…

    Posted on 04-06-2006 04:04:54 by ChasM
    Tony made brought my scrotum to life a couple weeks ago – wholeheartedly recommend him.

    Posted on 04-06-2006 04:31:35 by Saul

    Posted on 04-06-2006 04:59:19 by herekittykitty
    Huge scrotal and hidden peen 😉

    Posted on 04-06-2006 06:26:33 by randomspectator

    Posted on 04-06-2006 09:46:53 by tinaxo
    dudeeee…. got toast?

    Posted on 04-06-2006 14:16:29 by dumbass
    he could stash his weiner in the jar

    Posted on 04-06-2006 17:10:21 by cuntcumber
    Large scrotal piercings always have me asking, “How do things not…um…fall out?”

    Posted on 04-06-2006 17:40:40 by penski
    simple, really…the same reason your eardrum doesn’t fall out of your lobe piercings 😉


    Posted on 04-06-2006 18:11:37 by squid
    its kinda pretty

    Posted on 04-06-2006 18:50:18 by Jol
    Thats impressive lol

    Posted on 04-06-2006 22:29:55 by cuntcumber
    Yeah, but there are things inside of your scrotum (at least, there are in mine) whereas my earlobes are just bits of solid flesh.

    So, I’ll ask again, when changing jewelry, etc., how do things not fall out?

    Posted on 04-06-2006 22:55:08 by ChasM
    Maybe you should read up on what a transcrotal is a bit further?
    There is nothing in this piercing that would allow anything *but* your jewelry to fall out. The inside of the hole is scrotum lined as well.

    Posted on 04-07-2006 00:03:02 by etoile
    Am I the only one who sees the head of the penis between his left thumb and his hip? I see the urethra hole and everything. Am I crazy?

    Posted on 04-07-2006 11:15:54 by Buster Gonad
    That a magnifing glass on top to burn off all the pubes?

    Posted on 05-17-2006 01:09:37 by KiMMiE

  2. Is it me or is his ween inside the jar? Looks like theres a hole in it hes got his ween poked through. Maybe its just the pics angle or something or reflection

  3. I’d like to find someone who will help me create a trans-scrotal – – the pic is an inspiration.

  4. I am looking for a practishner in Las Vegas, NV that can perform a Transscrotal piercing

  5. Has all his cock inverted into the balls because of them being streched to these extremes? This guy should win an award! I’ve seen many other transscotal plugs where the penis inverts into the scrotum. I only have my lip pierced at the moment, I am hopeing to get the other side done, along with my bridge, septum, angelbites and anti-eyebrow, along with tunnels, the only thing i’ll be streching! I have preformed many D.I.Y. piercings myself, including bridge, which bled alot! Lip, eyebrow, eyelobe, penis and helix. I have hoping to also get my frenum and scotal ladder.

  6. Nice. and congrats for being listed first in the google images “transcrotal pic” results. It puts my apadravya to shame. If this guy ever any run-ins with a law enforcement official, I want the video of the cop’s reaction from finding that in a frisk search.

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