Hey, at least it was free

Never say tattoo artists (and clients) don’t have a sense of humor. It’s not uncommon for a shop to have a joke tattoo that anyone can get for free… When I worked at Stainless Studios, it was a really cheesy “eye heart boobs” design. At Metro Tattoo in Tucson, Arizona, they have a tattoo of the month.

I’m not sure that I’m going to be getting an appointment with Allen Hoeflinger any time soon to get my own cartoon monkey jerking off in tattoo form, but this dude seems thrilled with both the tattoo and the price… you can’t beat free, right?

One thought on “Hey, at least it was free

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    Posted on 04-11-2006 21:03:05 by blah
    i didn’t even notice it was jerkin’ the gurken! i thought it was cute the after i read it thats nasty

    Posted on 04-11-2006 23:23:26 by girl-23
    That’s horrible. Lol.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 00:27:16 by dream3r
    i cant honestly say i’d want a masterbating monkey inked on me, even for free.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 03:34:38 by Pippa
    my favourite thing about this photo is the guys smile. Classic.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 09:53:26 by Jets
    The monkey tattoo on the left has a red hat and the one on right right has a green hat, which leads me to believe that MORE THAN ONE PERSON TOOK THIS OFFER

    Posted on 04-12-2006 09:53:53 by Jets
    Apparently, that upset me so much that I forgot how to type.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 10:58:19 by verucassault
    Not so much something I’d want, but if the guy likes it, to each his own.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 13:10:36 by vicious
    Oh my god, Jets, you’re right! The two pictures are of two different tattoos…the colour of the hat is different and the one on the left also has those lines coming away from it. Wow.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 14:42:32 by Devo
    Maybe he got two different tattoos. One on each arm, you know?

    Posted on 04-12-2006 16:08:04 by Avius
    That dude is so fucking thrilled with his spanking monkey tattoo. Thats awesome. Too funny man.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 17:59:12 by Hermione
    That man looks so familiar! Is he an actor or something?

    Posted on 04-12-2006 19:27:46 by WastedYouth
    hummmm… he looks familiar to me also.

    Posted on 04-12-2006 20:03:19 by glider
    Wow, I think Jets is right! Those must be on two different people.

    Posted on 04-13-2006 03:28:27 by dream3r
    the one on the right is also missing the “TA DAAAAAA” glowy lines that make it an angelic masterbating monkey.

    Posted on 04-13-2006 18:31:06 by LostSally000
    Ewwwwwww!!!! The guy AND the monkey are weird and look kind of FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 04-14-2006 07:49:10 by coconutjules
    Another thing… is the green-hatted monkey’s penis… upside down?!

    Posted on 04-14-2006 11:46:27 by sneezy
    that reminds me of a coal chamber tune, shock the monkey lol

    Posted on 04-16-2006 03:55:40 by fissilingual
    I wouldn’t put it past shawn porter to get this tattoo.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 19:37:11 by blip
    isn’t Shock the Monkey a Peter Gabriel Song? yo….

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