This is how they make their own dinner in Estonia when they forget to go shopping. Don’t worry, this is just the left nut. Not saying that the right one isn’t soon out as well, but I’m trying to give the more sensitive readers a glimmer of hope.

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3 thoughts on “Self-Consumption

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    Posted on 04-18-2006 16:46:49 by jaelbait
    that might turn my stomach if there were a fork and knife in the photo.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 17:02:42 by Kanga43
    Because eating your left nut with your hands and teeth like real men eat there steaks is way tamer.

    Posted on 04-18-2006 18:52:33 by …..
    well the lack of the fork and knife leaves room to convince yourself that he isent going to really eat it…

    Posted on 04-18-2006 20:17:55 by outmywindow
    Call me crazy, but I didn’t really want to see that…

    Posted on 04-19-2006 12:09:05 by barf
    that is so freakin disgusting! and fuck all you “acceptance for everything on BME” that’s just nasty, why would you cut off your ball and why the fuck would you eat it?!?
    all you people that cut off body parts including fingers and such are crazy and should be put somewhere to keep you from hurting yourelf.

    Posted on 04-20-2006 03:45:48 by penski
    That’s a great diet…the guy just lost a stone.

    Barf – why *wouldn’t* you do it?


    Posted on 04-20-2006 08:53:33 by the_logic_of_crocodiles
    who says he’s gonan eat it? maybe he just put it on a plate so he wouldnt get blood all over the table or something

    Posted on 04-20-2006 12:55:12 by barf
    first because i have no balls and second because i’m not crazy

    Posted on 04-24-2006 16:08:31 by Halo
    Give it a rest Barf. You’re a moron. If you don’t have anything at all constructive to say, get off the site. People do things for their own reasons.

    I think if he wants to, it’s his decision.

  2. it isn’t sure, that there lies his egg, i think;
    looks so an egg? that’s only any meat;

  3. where is the proofe, that this piece of meat is one of his eggs. I want to see it better and the empty ballsac!!!???

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