Blackwork gun on hand! Love it!

I’m totally into this blackwork gun tattoo by Aza (using one of his custom-built “silenced” tattoo machines) at Dragon FX in Edmonton, Alberta. The tattoo is on the very cool modified Christian Andyroo… Oh, and it’s a cover up too. Anyway, great tattoo!

Have a good weekend everyone, I’m out of here until Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Blackwork gun on hand! Love it!

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    Posted on 04-22-2006 07:19:55 by virus
    so good.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 07:49:42 by penski
    Awesome…Just hope he doesn’t get taken down by a miopic cop…


    Posted on 04-22-2006 08:22:15 by glider
    Don’t you have to have perfect vision to be a cop?

    Posted on 04-22-2006 09:12:13 by penski
    I have no idea at all.

    A few years ago, British cops shot a guy dead who was carrying a table leg…

    Not to mention the fiasco last year after the tube bombings…

    Although I love the tattoo, I wouldn’t want to have it if I suddenly found myself in a situation with a lot of tense and nervous people with badges and guns.


    Posted on 04-22-2006 11:24:18 by fre_k
    In the uk you have to have perfect vision, plus if you’ve had laser eye surgery it has to of been at least 6 months before you apply to the police force.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 11:25:45 by fre_k
    Ok that sould read you ‘In the UK have to have perfect vision if you want to be a cop,…’

    Posted on 04-22-2006 11:48:00 by moi
    in ontario, you need perfect vision when applying to be a cop (but you can get laser surgery). but after you are accepted, your vision can go straight to hell, and you won’t get kicked off or anything. so you dont have to maintain perfect (or even decent) vision.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 12:25:02 by Lexci Million
    Yeah, that tattoo is Rock and Roll. Andy’s a cool guy and Aza’s the mad scientist of tattoo artists anywhere. I was there when this tattoo was being done and seriously…the tattoo machine sounds like a whispery purr.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 15:01:53 by dream3r
    Awwww, see you on Tuesday Shannon.

    Posted on 04-22-2006 23:11:48 by Ghostie
    Blackwork looks amazing.

    Are those implants on his forearm?

    Posted on 04-22-2006 23:42:30 by fre_k

    Posted on 04-22-2006 23:51:59 by Kanga43

    Posted on 04-23-2006 00:39:07 by LeeBee
    too awesome!
    im just surprised someone hasn’t thought of this tat idea before!

    Posted on 04-23-2006 02:14:42 by six
    it’s covering up hearts 🙂

    Posted on 04-23-2006 03:00:40 by outmywindow
    That is the coolest! Gun tattoos are kind of becoming a dime a dozen, but that’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen.

    Love it!

    Posted on 04-23-2006 03:54:57 by coconutjules

    Posted on 04-24-2006 11:38:25 by LostSally000
    I don’t like this….Is he a cop or something? If he’s not then he is a dumbass…..

    Posted on 04-24-2006 17:04:43 by glider
    Only cops can get gun tattoos? Whatever. He’s not going to get shot over this.

    Look, this is one of the most unique and cleverly thought out variants on the gun theme… Saying he’s a dumbass because he’s not a cop is silly.

    Posted on 04-24-2006 18:41:06 by trinityknot
    Quite silly, besides I dont think the force would condone a tattoo like that on an officer anyway.

    I thought British cops didn’t carry guns, only nightsticks, guess I was wrong.

    Posted on 04-24-2006 18:42:01 by trinityknot
    I meant silly comment, not silly tattoo, I quite like that tat.

    Posted on 04-24-2006 20:10:35 by sae
    in the US a few years back there was a black man shot on his porch in the wee hours of the morning as he pulled out his wallet which the cops said they thought was a gun…of course, this was probably more race related the vision related

    Posted on 04-24-2006 21:14:37 by outmywindow
    It seems like people are erroneously shot because of bad lighting combined with HAVING SOMETHING IN THEIR HAND. I honestly doubt that the cop (or whoever) would fire if they could see well enough under the conditions to recognize the tattoo as being an image of a gun. If they could see that much detail, then they’d also be able to see that the guy had nothing in his hand (therefore NOT actually carrying a weapon).

    Posted on 04-24-2006 22:37:50 by BOFH
    trinityknot: In the UK, normal uniformed bobbies don’t carry guns. However, all ununiformed officers eg. detectives, etc carry firearms, as well as specialist uniformed units like CO19 (Firearms/armed police), and anti-terrorist units carry guns. About 1/3 the UK police force is armed.

    Getting off topic here, but I think it’s a great tattoo. 🙂

    Posted on 04-25-2006 00:11:16 by kuroneko711
    anyone that doesnt recognize this as a unique, amazing tattoo (even more impressive, a cover up), should reconcider their existance. the end.

    Posted on 04-25-2006 00:11:24 by Kanga43
    Good point outmywindow! If there was enough light to make out the detail of teh gun on his hand, then there should be enough light to see that hey, that is his hand.

    Posted on 04-25-2006 01:35:54 by julien
    the only thing i would improve on it is that a lot of the detail will be lost. i would’ve preferred it to have the general lines (trigger, form) but without the stuff in the middle.

    Posted on 04-25-2006 05:58:47 by VEAL
    Plain clothed officers (un-uniformed as BOFH called them) in the UK do not carry guns, thankfully! They carry telescopic night-sticks and pepper-spray.We have various plain clothed units that would have no legitimate reason to be permanently armed.There are actually very few armed response units attached to local police stations, they have to be specially trained and generally speaking don’t carry guns but rather have then in a secure container in the trunk. The only cops (as far as I’m aware, as a UK citizen)who walk around with their Hecklers in full view are on airport duty, and the metrapolitan police.
    Oh, and the one’s who blow the brains out of unarmed non-combatant Brazillians.
    Anyhoo, it’s a cool tattoo 🙂

    Posted on 04-25-2006 08:19:30 by veal
    “They carry telescopic night-sticks and pepper-spray” refers to uniformed cops incidentally.

    Posted on 04-25-2006 12:09:59 by Toy.
    VEAL – There are actually a few uniformed police around that carry guns, but only in the ‘trouble spots’ where there woried about gangs. But i don’t think 1/3 carry guns though… and its a great tattoo.

    Posted on 04-26-2006 00:17:38 by BOFH
    Well I got my info from an ex drugs-squad metro police officer. Maybe he exagerated the figures, I dunno?

    Saw a documentary about the killing of that Brazillian the other day, was interesting, but quite worrying too.

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