"We are only numbers"

I’m told this took only about ten minutes to do, by Klas in Gothenburg, Sweden. The full meaning of the tattoo, I am told, is “We are only numbers in a fascist world. We are all prisoners in a capitalistic society.”

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2 thoughts on “"We are only numbers"

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    Posted on 05-03-2006 01:12:35 by GreaserChris
    looks like a punch tattoo they use on livestock

    Posted on 05-03-2006 01:53:36 by outmywindow
    I like the tattoo, but with that placement, I think I’d have just gone all the way and shaved my head. Having that little strip grow in while the rest of her hair is still long is going to be funky to say the least.

    Posted on 05-03-2006 02:19:22 by joshua
    dude, there’s TP on that table. is that in someone’s house?

    Posted on 05-03-2006 03:02:47 by coconutjules
    Is that the equivalent of a social security number in Sweden?

    Posted on 05-03-2006 03:36:59 by fre_k
    coconutjules – I think its meant to be a prison number, like what the nazis tattooed on death camp prisoners

    Posted on 05-03-2006 09:28:04 by Stone

    19820706 492 7

    Posted on 05-03-2006 10:06:05 by furre
    It’s her birthdate followed by four random numbers, the Swedish equivalent of a social security number. (Meaning she’s born on July 6, 1982)

    Posted on 05-03-2006 15:51:02 by coconutjules
    I *thought* her birthday must be involved somewhere. That’s pretty cool. Thanks, fre_k and furre!

    Posted on 05-03-2006 16:28:32 by mrpumpernickel
    Well, actually it’s not just four random numbers. The first two numbers of the four last ones are the area you were born in, the third signifies whether its a male or female (male odd numbers, female even numbers) and the last one is random. :)

    Posted on 05-03-2006 18:29:52 by moi
    having been raised in a communist society, i think if she actually lived in one, she wouldn’t think capitalism is too bad. just my opinion.

    Posted on 05-03-2006 21:32:47 by Nicole
    if the next to last number signifies the gender, and males have odd numbers, then she’s a very attractive male, since the next to last number is a 9…

    Posted on 05-03-2006 21:43:35 by i think
    if you look in the picture where he’s tattooing her there appears to be a 7 at the end of the tattoo. the close-up may just be unfinished.

    Posted on 05-03-2006 21:45:55 by maybe
    Or the close-up had the last number photoshopped out to protect her privacy?

    Posted on 05-04-2006 10:13:24 by mrpumpernickel
    If you look closely there’s actually a seven (7) drawn in quite faintly that’s still to be tattooed, so yes, even though there are only three last numbers tattooed in thus far it should be (and probably is on her now) four :)

    Posted on 05-08-2006 20:06:17 by Zolish
    I´ve recently shaved undercut, so its all visible right now :)

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