One thought on “Thank God Buddhists tend not to burn down embassies

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    Posted on 05-15-2006 10:38:53 by ID10T Error
    For some reason this highly amuses me! 🙂

    Posted on 05-15-2006 12:18:50 by LostSally000
    I don’t get it??????

    Posted on 05-15-2006 13:31:38 by littlequick
    damn that’s a nice tattoo!!!!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 02:05:11 by MJ
    I never thought I’d see a tattoo from right down the street! Northfield is such a small place. Now I feel all important.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 03:59:12 by tara
    haha. awesome. buddha rocks.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 04:15:53 by Zander-Fragile
    I like the stylized speakers.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 23:10:08 by VaJenna
    wow. something good came out of northfield?

    Posted on 05-18-2006 14:58:11 by illumibuddha
    omg that’s f’ing sick… buddha is a dj… music is enlightment.

    Posted on 05-18-2006 20:48:46 by Ka Crow
    I’m a Buddhist. I love this. The brilliant part is how very, very traditional the style of the Buddha is. If this ends up getting colored, and the wearer submits a photo, please post it here?

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