Grey areas and nipple removal

Because extreme modification is so incredibly popular both with clients and in the media in general, I think people forget that while it’s often not specifically illegal, it’s definitely grey, definitely may be covered by existing laws (depdending on the nation), even if that has not yet been tested in court for anyone not doing castrations (not that there haven’t been some close calls).

I think it’s very important to share their work because it was miserable when we lived in the dark ages where everything was underground… but at the same time, I worry because people are very “out” about who is doing the work and don’t mind sharing very legally revealing photos. In the past, customers promoted cutters, but it almost seems in reverse these days?

Eh, I’m probably just being paranoid, right? Right?

Anyway, enjoy the nipple removal.

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3 thoughts on “Grey areas and nipple removal

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    Posted on 05-29-2006 22:04:46 by virus
    amazing, knife and fork.

    Posted on 05-29-2006 23:25:46 by blastphem0r
    i avoided listing the shop i got my dermal punches at when i submitted the pictures for that very reason. in tennessee it’s illegal to use scalpels or punches, so i didn’t want to put anyone in danger. perhaps i’m paranoid too?

    Posted on 05-30-2006 05:58:00 by mrpumpernickel
    Paranoia is useful to an extent after all, though I would consider posting images in a public space of anyone in such a setting without their permission to be quite the faux pas, especially considering this entire gray area. Though, if one asks and the person performing, in this case the nipple removal, about online image posting and he/she doesn’t mind then that obviously puts the risk voluntarily on the body mod artist instead of being completely unaware of this public display of their talents. Perhaps I’m not paranoid, but I’m tired and obviously rambling. Tally ho!

    Posted on 05-30-2006 12:15:02 by slackary
    “practicing medicine without a license” is itself a gray (er, grey) area because “medicine” is not strictly defined by law, leaving the levy of charges to the discretion of local authorities, to an extent. For example, the voluntary castrations in North Carolina, USA that recently incurred just such charges appeared to have more to do with the small rural community’s disapproval of an out in the open lifestyle dungeon in the neighborhood, rather than someone falsely presenting themselves as a doctor (which I understand to be the ‘spirit’ if not the ‘letter’ of the practicing without a license laws). Grey areas in the law allow someone in authority to make an issue of it if they want to, so caution is probably advisable, especially in socially conservative areas. Would a licenced aesthetic surgeon be a less desirable way to have a nipple removed, if a cooperative one were available? Or might that strip the mod of its ‘alternative’ appeal? (if in fact that’s part of the appeal to the modder). So many issues around this blurry boundary of what’s ‘too far’ in someone’s mind.

    Posted on 05-30-2006 16:29:32 by candycovered
    i know who he is !!

  2. That is me! It is not illegal where it was performed and is defenantly in a grey area here. Although I live in Chicago it is very illegal there but the shop I did it in is just across the border and there are no scalpel laws and no known anesthetics are used. So nothing blatantly illegal. So yes I am proud that I could help this gentleman have the body he wishes to have.

    Now the aftercare is done by his personal surgeon that has him on the proper antibiotics and since he is a cancer patient also has him on the proper prophylactics (sp?) The surgeon said he will take care of the aftercare since it becomes a medical need to have it heal without issue but he could not perform the procedure himself as it was not a medical procedure but a modification one and he could lose his liscense(SP?) since it was not a medical need but could heal it after I did it.

    For those of you who know me know what I am capable of doing for those of you who dont well all I can say is there is more that will be coming outta the closet from years back. I have been doing stuff like this since 1994 and there are more extreme and hardcore mods that I will finally put online. Again those that know me have seen some of my portfolios and work. It is time the rest of the world sees it to.

    Body Modification Artist and Suspension Artist

  3. I think it’s great that there are people out there that are trained to do stuff like this if people want it done. (Instead of people DIY.)

    But I don’t think your being paranoid.
    One person’s idea of what is legal, and what should be acceptable is not always the states version…
    Better to blur out the faces.

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