Facial expressions say it all?

I don’t know how Cere does it (best I can come up with other than NLP is quoting Wesley Snipes — always bet on black!), but Phoenixxx (who as a point of trivia has seen a lot more shaved female genitals than I have) got “Cere” (“the man, the legend”) tattooed on her wrist by Cindy Vega at Local Color Tattoo in Philadelphia… He seems quite pleased:

I’m having a little more difficulty precisely assessing the meaning of her facial expression though? I am assuming it’s a joking shot, but it sure has that “oh my god… what did I just do to myself vibe” to it! Or maybe she’s thinking about the tattoo that Cere just did on Robin of what appears to be a fat chick in a party hat? Or maybe a duck? I don’t know.

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12 thoughts on “Facial expressions say it all?

  1. at least you didn’t let cere do the actual tattoo… whoever would let him do that to them is crazy…
    *looks at leg*
    oh… wait… nevermind..

  2. I can’t believe he finally convinced someone to use INK. And here I was thinking I was the only one walking around with his name “tattooed” on me.

  3. “at least you didn’t let cere do the actual tattoo… whoever would let him do that to them is crazy…
    *looks at leg*
    oh… wait… nevermind..”

    hahahahah. shit. me too. idiots, we are.

  4. jeeeeeeez it’s a DUCK! (a party duck to be specific) The exacution is exquisette- how can you not tell???

  5. And remember it was Janet (NayNayMarie) that got the party duck on her not Robin.

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