Human Rights = Animal Rights

A few posts ago I mentioned an animal liberation tattoo (which reminds me, remember the Vegan Tattoos article?), so I thought I’d share a quite different interpretation on the same theme while I had it in my mind. Anyway, this tattoo was done at Liquid Chaos in Dearborn Heights, michigan, and the bearer writes, “it stands for human and animal rights being equal.”

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14 thoughts on “Human Rights = Animal Rights

  1. “see the thumb in that tattoo?”
    Posted by andy b on June 6th, 2006 at 4:57 am

    What about it?

  2. I’m guessing andy b meant that the opposable thumb is the reason that humans are superior to animals, and thus the rights of the two are not equal.


  3. I like the idea of the tattoo, but personally I would be pretty pissed if someone had done such a shitty job on me. The circle doesnt even meet up, and the line work on the left is pretty bad.

  4. Such views are the product of an overprivileged upbringing.

    It’s easy to make such claims if your rights have never been curtailed. Count yourselves lucky you were born in to societies where your biggest concern could be the welfare of other species.

  5. That statement made me laugh, *n.
    I could just see you saying that hunched over a big hunk of polar bear meat with fork and knife in hand, ready to dig in. ..just funny.

    I have to agree with zombiekilla on this one. I’d be mighty pissed with my tattoo artist after having that done on me. Like everyone else said, the “concept” is great, but the tattoo quality really fails to impress me.

  6. I’m one of the few people who can put their hand up and say they have eaten Puffin.

    Rather tasty too – very gamey.


  7. Need everyones help! Not to long ago I had seen a tattoo which I belive was on this site, a guy had a tattoo of many animals limb, fin and what have you reaching in toward the middle and a human hand covering them. Sort of symbolizing the unity between animal and human. It was very detailed and great colors. Anybody could give me a hint as to were to find it I would appreciate it. I also found it in a back issue of either Flash or Tattoo magazine. Thanks

  8. My first thought was “Oh my god, furry shit”. But no, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with that. I agree with the comment about the crappy lineart.

  9. I absolutely love it! I have no tattoos, but if I got one, I’d probably get something like this!

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