Now I know how to turn on a Latvian girl!

How cool is that, they have switches on the backs of their necks. Oh, that makes things so much simpler! Or maybe she’s permanently turned off? This is a home tattoo from Riga, Latvia:

Let’s see… Other than that, I’m thinking about breaking ModBlog in half, so it’s ModBlog and ModBlogX or something… Basically the goal is to split the site so that I can put the hardcore photos (BME/HARD type stuff and other explicit pictures) all on one blog, which would allow me to put non-porn ads on this site so it can start paying for itself!

4 thoughts on “Now I know how to turn on a Latvian girl!

  1. good idea on splitting the blog, i tend to read this first thing in the morning and somethings i just dont need to see before coffee!

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