“A tribute to my dog”

I’ll let the letter speak for itself:

Hi. My name is Kristin. About a year ago, I was in a pet store in Langhorne, PA. There was this “aweful” looking little puppy with no hair except for a mohawk on his bald little wrinkly head being sold for $1,000. I’m not for buying dogs from pet stores, but this little dog totally belonged to me! The next day, I went back to the pet store and he was mine.

Long story short, I named him Pee Wee Martini and he is entered in this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest held in Petaluma, CA. I’m traveling cross country hoping Pee Wee will get this year’s title. You can see pictures of Pee Wee and vote for him to win by following the links at http://www.peeweemartini.com/.

So… I have never loved a living creature as much as I love little Pee Wee Martini so I decided to get a Pee Wee Martini tribute tattoo. It is one of my more simple tattoos, but by far, my most favorite!


39 thoughts on ““A tribute to my dog”

  1. Since the former World’s Ugliest Dog Champion (whom if I remember right, held the title multiple times) dies before last years contest, I think P.W. Martini has chance.

    On a different note, I like how kids and animals are grouped together 🙂

  2. OMFG G.G. Allen was reincarnated as a frickin dog?!?!?!! seriously… is that G.G….?

  3. He is a real cutie, I hope he wins, even through the “ugliness” he is adorable

  4. I LOVE these type of dogs. I was thinking about getting one. Not too sure cause Im in Canada and got to deal with -40 weather. Poor dog will need more than a coat. How are there Temper and Training pluse kids??
    We have a hound dog name Bonnie. YOu name it everything droops and hangs.
    Hmm maybe we should have a special BME Pet section.

  5. That is one fucking ugly dog. I’m sorry, but .. ew. I’m sure he’s lovable and all.. but.. ugh.. so ugly.
    His snout is all contorted sideways, his tongue is like, permanently stuck out to the side.. and. ugh.. the lack of fur is…. well its just nauseating to look at him. I almost feel bad for him, since he’s so ugly. He DEFINITLY deserves the ugliest dog title!!!!!

  6. OMG! pee wee is so cute…unfortunately i have a really cute dog so half the neighbors’ children either want to steal it or kill it:/

  7. Argh fuck these dogs remind me of Gremlins.

    They’re like bizarre products of bad inbreeeding or something, but somehow the genetic abnormality has been accepted as a unique breed in it’s own right :/

  8. it’s great that the owner managed to see past the dog’s appearance. he’s probably got a super cool doggy personality

  9. HA Salinger, you’re right on the button with saying that he looks like a GREMLIN. that’s SO true. I think that’s why i got alil bit of the heeby jeebies when i first looked at him… its just felt so wrong!

  10. Love the shot with that too. All I could think of was what a bad-ass dog pimp he would make. He already looks ‘street’ if you know what I mean.

  11. Shit, that looks just like my ex-wife. Sorry… that’s a bit cruel.. the dog’s much cuter! 🙂

  12. aww i love him! i used to have a crested and they are so loving well done 4 snatching him up b4 ne1 else did!! love to the dog it rules!

  13. he is so cute he’s ugly. he seems like a pretty cool dog, though. i hope he wins the contest. hell, i’d love to meet this dog-he’s a pimp! lol! rock on, pee wee martini! you kick ass!

  14. Fuck Sam Pee-Wee’s the man. he died because he was afraid of pee-wee’s awesomeness! and fuck that fat bitch that won…Long live Pee-Wee!!!!!!!! oh yeah amber your a great artist… i want you to tat a portrait of pee-wee on me, itd look bad ass right beside my trailer…no seriously i want a pee wee tattoo…

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