30 thoughts on “Healing Collaboration Scarification

  1. Oh man, my chest feels tight just looking at that. I have one puny line on my chest and even that felt tight when it scarred. But it looks awesome.

  2. Beautiful. Even if it gets left without a tattoo and fades, it’ll still look great.

  3. wow. i love that. it would look great accented by a tattoo. i want something beautiful like that, but i’m afraid i won’t scar so perfectly and will be left with something short of a mess.

  4. Someone tell me I’m not the only one who saw a vagina before seeing a flower.

  5. I really wish I could run my hand over that. It just seems so texturally interesting. That and I’ve never really felt a greatly keloided scar.

  6. No, drfunkenstein, my boyfriend did too….you both have dirty minds, cause I just thought the piece was stunning!!

  7. yea.. i saw the vagina.. but i think people would be more amazed that a person sat still while getting it, rather then pointing out that a bit of it looks like a vagina.. i love it.. it looks great!!

  8. Dude…I don’t know what kind of vaginas you’ve been looking at…

    I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but I never thought vagina!

  9. …and its mine all mine! I love it…even with the vagina…or if youre looking closer…some men’s urethral openings.

    Hooray for genetics.

  10. I saw the ‘vagina’ as well, tho I am fairly certain that the only reason I jumped to that conclusion first was because it was on modblog. Ya just gotta expect that that here.

  11. well, flower/vagina, same thing….. anyways i never thought scarification was very interesting till i saw this picture…. very beautiful, strangely elegant.

  12. didnt see the vagina but i did see a puckered anus and yes, just like she, i think i only immediately saw that because its modblog! lol

    John and Brian – Amazing job! The picture is so clearly defined, i just keep staring at it in awe!
    And whoever this piece is on, you are awesome for actually healing it so that it looks this good! Give yourself a giant pat on the back for not only having this piece but having enough responsibility to take care of it so that it came out so well!!

  13. ^I wouldn’t get too excited yet, it usually takes a year for a scar to FULLY heal and settle down. It almost looks like the pink puffy paint markers that people use for arts and crafts. Looks good!

  14. Ok i got quite a few branding and scars
    but what im wondering i never got huge raise like that one.

    im wondering if big chuck of flesh like this could finish with a medical problem ( cancer , tumor etc etc )

    if anyone could enlight me plz

  15. This is amazing!
    I’ve had keyloids on my chest since I was eleven-I’ve tried shots of cortizone and even plastic surgery, only to my luck come back twice as large. I feel like I can finally appreciate my keyloids and am considering modifying them into body art. Can anybody give me any names of ligit body modifiers/and or tattoo artist that can help me. Nobody in town will touch my chest! ;(

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